Announcing Hashtag Tracking Campaigns!

Sep 28, 2017

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of CrewFire’s biggest feature update since launching the CrewFire 2.0 redesign earlier this year – an entirely new campaign type we’re calling Hashtag Tracking Campaigns.

With the new Hashtag Tracking Campaigns, your Ambassadors can now:

Previously, CrewFire had just one campaign type – Post Suggestion Campaigns – with which Brands can suggest single Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram posts to their Ambassadors.

While Post Suggestion Campaigns remain a powerful tool for getting hundreds or thousands of your Ambassadors to share your suggested content with you on social media, they are limited in a few ways:

The Ambassadors receive the campaign instructions via SMS and email.

Ambassadors can then make their posts natively on each social network, using the designated hashtag.

CrewFire will listen for posts made with the designated hashtag, and pull them into the campaign (giving the Ambassador points for each post).

Managers can review a Feed showing all the posts their Ambassadors made using the designated Hashtag, and delete any that aren’t suitable for the campaign.

With the new Hashtag Tracking campaign, your Ambassadors can now:

The new Hashtag Tracking Campaign is an incredibly powerful new tool that will help your business drive more sales, shares, and engagement from social media than ever before.

Want to experience the power of Hashtag Tracking and Post Suggestion campaigns for yourself?

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