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May 10, 2017 · Alan VanToai
New CrewFire Features! Scheduling Future Campaigns, Customizable Email Templates, and more!
We’re excited to announce that we’ve just launched a number of new features, including one of the most requested features: scheduling of future campaigns! Now, you’ll finally be able t [...]
April 03, 2017 · Alan VanToai
CrewFire Updates: Campaign Creation, Tables, SSL Security
A couple quick updates from the CrewFire product team: we’ve made the campaign builder even more powerful, improved tables on People pages, and upgraded our security throughout the website and a [...]
March 15, 2017 · Alan VanToai
How To Recruit Micro-Influencers
One of the most common questions we get asked at CrewFire is “How do I find and recruit micro-influencers to become my brand ambassadors”? Many marketer [...]
March 09, 2017 · Alan VanToai
Big CrewFire updates! New website, new pricing plans, and $1 trials!
Hey folks! It’s been a busy few weeks here at CrewFire, and we’re excited to bring you three updates at once. Check it out: New website design. The CrewFire platform is youthfu [...]
March 08, 2017 · Alan VanToai
How to manage micro-influencers
Micro-influencer marketing is incredibly powerful but managing the campaigns efficiently is no easy task. There’s a delicate balance to be struck between getting people to promote your brand and [...]
February 02, 2017 · Alan VanToai
Micro-Influencer Marketing Explained: Why Smaller is Better
Social media is the most powerful communication platform of all time. We hear this all the time but it’s easy to underestimate just how widespread the use of netwo [...]
January 26, 2017 · Alan VanToai
How to motivate and reward micro-influencers
How to reward micro-influencers is one of the most frequent questions we get here at CrewFire. There are many ways to k [...]
November 12, 2016 · Alan VanToai
The New CrewFire: Gorgeous, Sleek and Powerful
Today we’re excited to introduce a completely redesigned CrewFire website. The beautiful new design and intuitive workflow will make hitting your goals with CrewFire even easier as you ram [...]
July 28, 2016 · Alan VanToai
Major update coming to points system: Monday, August 1
Hey folks! This Monday, August 1, we’re shipping a major update to the CrewFire points system. IMPORTANT NOTE: All existing points will be wiped on Monday, August 1 [...]
May 31, 2016 · Alan VanToai
Instagram is live!
Hey folks - big news today! Over the weekend, we released what has easily been the most requested feature on CrewFire - our brand new Instagram integration. The new Instag [...]
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