Major CrewFire product updates! SMS blast invites, dashboard updates & more!

Alan VanToai

February 2, 2016

Hey everyone! Pumped to share that earlier today we pushed live a bunch of product updates that are going to make CrewFire even more powerful and useful for our customers and their teams.

These updates include text message/sms blast invitations, updates to the team member and admin dashboards, and some subtle but effective changes in how team members connect their Facebook to CrewFire.

Here are the details:

SMS Blast Updates

Before today’s update, whenever team admins created new Facebook and Twitter blasts for their team members to share, we would notify the team members about the new blast via email.
Email was an obvious starting point, but because a lot of people (especially younger folks) don’t live in email as much, some of these email blast notifications were getting lost in the shuffle.
Inspired by our friend Jeff at HTG Events, we built the text message blast invitations feature.

Today, team members can add their phone numbers to CrewFire, and can opt-in to recieve new blast invitations via text message.

This will make it easier and faster for team members to share new blasts, increasing the number of shares per blast, and making CrewFire overall a more powerful marketing tool for teams.

Team member’s phone numbers will be visible to team admins in the dashboard, creating a handy contact directory in case admins ever need to get in touch.

Dashboard Updates (Agents & Admins)

Before today’s update, the agent dashboard was something of an afterthought - particularly on mobile (where, it turns out, it mattered the most).

Here’s a quick list of the updates to the agent dashboard, and why they matter:

Previously, the agent dashboard was not mobile responsive and thus would not function smoothly on smartphones.

Mobile Responsive Web

Today, the dashboard is perfectly responsive including an updated pill-style navigation menu, so agents can now navigate the dashboard with ease.

The old share buttons were easy to miss, and stuck slightly out of the way in the top right hand corner of each blast. This lead to some issues when blast titles or group names ran long, pushing the share button out of the view screen on some smartphones.

Updated Team Member View

We’ve brought the share buttons into the center of the campaigns in a solid green call-to-action button, making them impossible to miss and easily on-hand, even on mobile.

Agents can now see all their contact information, stats, and blast history from the new Profile view

Updated "Rankings" Tab

Before today, the “Leaderboard” tab was a cluttered table without real function or utility.

We’ve updated the Rankings tab to make it more visually clear, simple, and sortable by different paramaters. Admins and Agents can also choose different date ranges, so they can gauge rankings based on different time frames (daily, weekly, monthly, etc…)

Updated Facebook Connect Workflow

Slightly more subtle here, but important nonetheless. Before today’s update, if a new team member signed up and wanted to share a blast, they’d have to go out of their way to the social networks connection page, connect Facebook, and then go back to the Campaigns tab to share a blast.

Today, we’ve built the Facebook connect workflow right into the share blast button, so team members can do it all in one smooth experience.

Additionally, before, when user Facebook Tokens expired, users would have to go to the social networks page, and the disconnect and re-authorize Facebook. Now, this happens in the background when a user shares a Facebook blast, streamlining the process and making shares to Facebook faster and easier.


We released the first beta version of CrewFire to our presale backers back in October, and spent the last few months working out the kinks and tweaking the app based on their feedback.
Today’s update represents the last few features we needed to get CrewFire to 1.0 and ready for launch.

Over the next few days we’ll be shipping another major company update, and preparing for our official CrewFire launch early next month.

CrewFire’s 2016 is already off to a strong start, and there’s plenty more where this came from.
If you’re interested in trying out a free trial,
. See you on the inside.


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Alan VanToai

Co-Founder of CrewFire