Major update coming to points system: Monday, August 1

Alan VanToai

July 27, 2016

Hey folks!

This Monday, August 1, we're shipping a major update to the CrewFire points system.

All existing points will be wiped on Monday, August 1! Existing account ownersshould copy existing point values from their Rankings pageif historic point values are important for you!

That said, here's what's coming!

Customizable Points

Under the new points system, you are able to set custom point values for your team!You can set point values your team members earn for sharing for the initial post, and for engagements (Likes, Re-Shares, Comments, Clicks, etc...)

Customizable Points - Individual Campaigns

From your Company Settings page, you can set the default point values that all new campaigns will have by default.That said, you will ALSO have the option to adjust point values on new campaigns when you create them.

So, if a certain campaign is more important than normal, you can entice your team members with more points for sharing that particular campaign:

Default Point Values (only for initial posts!)

By default, we will be setting default point values to 100 for a Facebook post, 100 for Instagram, and 30 for Twitter.

Higher point values will encourage more engagement, and will leave room for you to get more creative with rewards in the future.

By default, we've chosen not to rewardpoints for engagements (likes, comments, clicks), because we’ve seen team members trying to game the system (encouraging friends to Like, Comment, or Click, just for points).

You will be able to change this for your team though!

Deleted Posts = Deleted Points!

From now on, if a team member deletes a post within the first 2 days of making the post, they will lose the points they earned for that post.

This is to discourage your team membersfrom just making posts to earn points, and then deleting them.

Effective Monday, August 1!

Again, we’re wiping old points on Monday, August 1! All team member point values will be set to 0, so be sure to head to your Rankings page to save everyone's current points standings if the historic point earnings are important to you!

Let us know if you have any questions! Email, or call in at (302)364-0442.

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