Meet CrewFire’s 2016 Starting Lineup

Alan VanToai

January 12, 2016

, our first product, as just a 2-man operation.

CrewFire was just an idea at the time, and it wasn’t until July last year that work started on CrewFire in earnest.

As the work built up - maintaining SimpleCrew and bringing a new product to life - we started to feel the overwhelm of managing too much on our own.

Worse yet - we were spending all of our time working IN the business (customer support, quality assurance, the little things…), instead of working ON the business (guiding strategy, big-picture ideas, hiring, etc…)

Thankfully, over the course of the last few months, we began making some awesome additions to the team, laying the foundation for a big 2016.

Today, we’re excited to have grown to include 5 fantastic team members: 2 full-time, and 3 part-time.

Here’s the CrewFire 2016 starting lineup, at your service:

Scott was a close friend of ours from Start-Up Chile. He’s a marketer, copywriter, and all-around hustler who’ll be leading the charge on all things marketing, advertising, and distribution for SimpleCrew first, and then CrewFire as the product gets to 1.0 and ready for distribution. Welcome, Scott!

Minh is our new full-time UI/UX designer. He comes from Silicon Straits, where he worked for the past year as a designer. When a mutual friend introduced us last month, I was blown away by his portfolio (
). I can’t overstate how excited I am to be working with Minh to bring our design to world-class standard. Our apps are going to be fire.

Thang was our first full-time hire, back in July last year. He’s our full-stack nodeJS developer who’s been working with Mike on bringing CrewFire to life. We’re lucky to have him.

Vuong came on board in September last year as our front-end developer, to help us move faster on both our website and app front-end work. He’s sharp, fast, and will lead the charge in bringing Minh’s designs to life throughout the website and app.

Towards the end of last year, we realized it was time to get serious about customer support and quality assurance, and we found Susheel as the guy to do it. Susheel will be helping us handle customer support inquiries as well as developing and executing quality assurance processes to make sure our products are running smooth as butter.

Mike will be guiding Thang, Susheel, and Vuong on technology/development & QA, and working with Alan on company strategy.

I’ll be guiding Minh and Vuong on design/UI/UX, collaborating with Scott on distribution, marketing, and advertising, and Mike on company strategy, QA, customer support, and systems implementation.


And that's your 2016 CrewFire Starting Lineup.We’re pumped. We have ambitous plans for 2016 (more on that in the next post), and are now working with a first-class team to make it happen.
Here’s to a big year. Stay tuned.

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Alan VanToai

Co-Founder of CrewFire