CrewFire Updates: Campaign Creation, Tables, SSL Security

Alan VanToai

April 2, 2017

A couple quick updates from the CrewFire product team:we’ve made the campaign builder even more powerful, improved tables on People pages, and upgraded our security throughout the website and application.

Two-Step Campaign Creation

Creating word-of-mouth marketing campaigns is the core function on CrewFire, and we’ve got big plans to make campaign options more flexible and powerful over the next few months.

In preparation for that, we’ve broken our campaign workflow into two steps: Campaign Details, and Campaign Content.

Managers will notice that we have now broken out a separate field for Suggested Link.

Before, we had no way to validate links before sending campaigns. As a result, when managers would accidentallyinclude links that were invalid, all the agents would run into errors when Facebook would refuse to allow us to post the link.

It was a frustrating experience, so now with the seperate link field, we can quickly validate links before managers send the campaign.

Vioala: nomore errors from Facebook campaigns!

Keep your eyes on the campaign builder over the next few weeks. Plenty of changes to come :)

Scrollable, Sortable Tables

Tables on the People page are now horizontallyscrollable.

We implemented horizontally scrollable tables so that we can start adding more team member data to the tables while maintaining usability.

Look forward to more data from team members being presented in the tables (and for export).
Managers can also sort any table by any column by clicking on the column header, so you can explore your team member data in more ways.

As always, all team member data is exportable, so you can download a CSV of all your data to take with you into any CRM, email service, Facebook ads audiences, or anywhere else your heart desires.

SSL Security

We’ve implemented SSL security throughout the application, so you can feel confident that your browsing and app usage is secure and encrypted.

From our signup page all the way throughout the app, secure HTTPS connection ensures that you don’t need to worry about anyone stealing sensitive information while using our platform.


That’s all for now!

If you’re interested in trying out CrewFire, there’s never been a better time. Werecently launched $1 trials.

As always, drop us a line if you have any questions:

- Alan VanToai

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