New CrewFire Features! Scheduling Future Campaigns, Customizable Email Templates, and more!

Alan VanToai

May 9, 2017

We're excited to announce that we’ve just launched a number of new features, including one of the most requested features: scheduling of future campaigns!

Now, you’ll finally be able to create campaigns days, weeks, and even months ahead. This is great because, starting now, you can queue up all your future CrewFire posts in one session - for the week, for the month, or whatever.

No more logging in to CrewFire every time you want to send a new post. You can batch these all up front every week or month, and make sure your CrewFire calendar is taken care of.

Scheduling of Future Campaigns

To schedule a campaign for the future simply choose a date and time from the new "Start Date" menu:

But that's not all!Our hard working tech team also came out with a number of other improvements in the last few days.

Customizable Email Templates

You are now able to customize the text that your team members will get when:

This will help you tailor the message to fit your brands voice, so your team members get a stronger sense and feeling of who you are, and why they should join your team or participate in your campaign.

To change the copy simply head to your "Company Settings" and edit the text in the following boxes:

Look forward to even more customization and personalization options coming to CrewFire over the next few weeks and months - we're moving fast!

Team members can access all Active Campaigns

Another improvement! Going forward, new team members that join your team will be able to see all active campaigns, and be able to share them right away.

This was a HUGE feature request. Before,team members would only see campaigns that were created
they joined the company.

That meant that after signing up, new team members wouldn'thave any opportunities to share - a huge missed opportunity (and, if we're being honest, a design oversight on our end).

Now that's changed! Your new team members will be able to seeall Active campaigns in your company! (So be sure to Archive campaigns if they grow irrelevant!)

Improved Group Selector for Campaign Creation

Last but not least, we're continuing to update the Campaign Creation workflow.

Last week, we introduced two-step campaign creation, which willhelp keep the creation workflow more simple as we bring more and more features into campaigns.

This week, we've made a smallchange to the Groups dropdown (Premium feature), so Users can get a little more insight and context into theGroups when making the campaign for an all-around refined experience.

Again, look forward for moreupdates in the Campaign creation process coming in the pipeline soon.


Thanks for reading.

As always, if you have any questions about our platform, we’re happy to help. Email us at
, and we’ll get back to you within the day.


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