5 Best Practices for Working with Beauty and Skincare Creators

Alan VanToai

November 26, 2021

Humans have always been obsessed with the newest beauty craze. Today's most popular trends might leave us cringing ten years down the line (I'm looking at you Y2K fashion).

But one thing has stayed consistent through the years; people look to style icons, models, and celebrities for the latest beauty trends.

Before social media, people had to scour magazines to try and see what was in style. Still, thanks to social media, millions of people are turning to content creators for advice and insights into achieving the newest trends in beauty.

Want to know how to do a cut crease? Search that keyword on Instagram.

Need to know how to achieve a no-makeup makeup look? Hop onto YouTube to get your answer.

Beauty content creators and beauty brands work. Brands looking to reach a broad audience and show their products in real-time can partner with a content creator to achieve that. And the content creator can get paid to do what they love; share beauty insights.

Most people trust influencers and content creators to help them make purchases; in fact, 86% of women use social media for purchasing advice.

This article will discuss how beauty content creators can help your brand grow, give examples of highly successful beauty influencers, and cover some best practices for working with beauty content creators.

What Are Beauty Content Creators?

A beauty content creator is the same as any other content creator, except focusing on creating beauty content. This can be makeup tutorials, product reviews, skincare tips, and haircare, to name a few.

Most beauty content creators are experts when it comes to makeup applications, skincare, and hairstyling.

Beauty content creators are a massive phenomenon because they often give advice in their content, and their followers turn to them for insights into the newest techniques and trends.

You can find beauty content creators in every corner of social media, from Instagram to TikTok and Pinterest. Beauty content creators create engaging content that resonates with the variety of niches represented in the beauty industry.

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How Can Beauty Content Creators Help Your Brand Grow?

Partnering with beauty content creators can offer your brand achieve so many rich benefits. Beauty influencers can help you tap into a new audience and great genuine content for you.

Working with beauty influencers isn't just for large-scale brands either. Many brands, large and small, have found that working with content creators helped them scale and grow their customer base. 51% of marketers say influencer marketing helps them acquire better customers.

Some of the benefits of working with content creators include:

  • Boost in UGC
  • Increases social reach
  • Genuine PR
  • Increases website traffic
  • More sales via affiliate marketing
  • Help you go viral
  • Grow a community

Beauty Content Creators Taking Over Social Media

Need a bit of inspo? Here are some of the most popular beauty content creators on social media today.

Nyane Lebajoa


Nyane is known for her unique makeup looks, fabulous wigs, and colorful sense of fashion.

She has worked with many famous brands, such as ColourPop, NYX, and Temper Hair. Nyane has over 1.6 million followers on Instagram and continuously keeps us on our toes for what she will post next.

Nabela Noor


Nabela started as a beauty and lifestyle influencer but has transformed into the CEO of her own company, author, and philanthropist for anti-bullying causes.

She has over 2.1 m followers on Instagram and has worked with many well-known brands, such as NARS Cosmetics, GlamGlow, Sephora, and Anastasia Beverly Hills.

She is known for her inspiring motto, "Redefining beauty one post at a time," and advocates for more representation in beauty and fashion.

Meredith Duxbury


Meredith Duxbury is a makeup artist based out of NYC known for her close-up reels singing along to popular songs and creating glam looks.

She has 946k followers and has created a name for herself for her dynamic style and putting foundation on with her hands.

People say she uses too much, but we think she knew exactly how to make herself go viral over and over again.

Danielle Marcan


Danielle is a makeup artist who has taken Instagram and TikTok by storm, holding 1.3m and 1.8m followers, respectively.

She is known for her grunge glam looks, punk fashion sense, and for being able to recreate looks from famous shows and movies.

Danielle also gives genuine product reviews and tutorials.

Mei Pang


Toronto-based Mei Pang is a makeup artist is known for her dynamic makeup looks, colorful artistic expression, and being covered in tattoos.

She has 1.7 m followers on TikTok and 906k on Instagram and is known for her tutorials, fashion sense, and use of color.

Manny Gutierrez


If you're interested in beauty and makeup, you have likely stumbled across Manny MUA on YouTube. Manny Gutierrez is self-taught and known for his informative tutorials, makeup reviews, and humor!

Manny is the founder of Lunar Beauty and has partnered with several well-known brands, such as Olay and Benefit.

Thuy Le


London-based Thuy Le got her start on YouTube and has taken the beauty scene by storm. Her fans love her content because her tutorials are beneficial, all while being witty and honest.

Thuy has over 1.8m followers on Instagram and 456K on YouTube and has worked with Too Faces, Fenty Beauty, and Urban Decay.

Shayla Mitchell


Shayla Mitchell is a wildly popular beauty influencer, with over 2.7m followers on Instagram, 756K followers on YouTube, and 322k on TikTok.

She is known for creating a mix of content and keeps her audience engaged with fashion content, makeup tutorials, and beauty content; and is known for doing amazing contour and full-glam looks.

Shayla has worked with many well-known brands, including ColourPop and Lancome.

Best Practices for Working with Beauty Content Creators

If your brand is new to working with influencers or strengthening your content creator strategy, then implement these five tips.

Ask for Genuine Content

It might seem self-explanatory, but you would be surprised how many brands still have creators that make highly scripted.

If you are trying to position your products to the masses genuinely, then you need to strive for genuine content.

When you seek genuine content, you will help promote trust in potential customers. Ask for reviews, tutorials, or features, and make sure the influencer give their honest opinion.

Give the Influencer Creative Control

Beauty content creators know their audience the best and typically have their style and niche for the content they create.

Giving the influencer creative control is better than overdoing it with your input.

The influencer will know what will be most sticky with their audience. So give the creator an idea of what you would like to achieve out of the collab and then let the ambassador do the rest.

Engage with the Influencer

Don't give them the script, have them post, then ghost!

You want to create a partnership and mutually beneficial relationship with the content creator, so make it a point to comment on their content. Show them some love!

Not only is it a tremendous relationship-building strategy, but engagement in the comments is also great for exposure for your brand.

Especially if you are a verified brand, your comment will show up top of the comment thread.

Give them Samples to Try

In 2021, most influencers won't make content for free with the promise of 'exposure.'

Be sure to define your offer and provide the content creator with a sample of the product you want them to use in the content.

Some brands will also charge for each post they do. Work with the influencer, define your offer, and establish KPIs that the influencer knows they will need to hit to continue the partnership.

Strive for Long Term Partnerships

Look for long-term partnerships. A great example of this is GymShark athletes. This brand strives to create long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships with its creators.

With long-term partnerships, the influencer will have more opportunity to promote your brand to their audience, which mean repeated exposure and the chance to showcase your brand as trustworthy.

They can be an affiliate or part of your ambassador program.


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