An entirely new look for CrewFire

Alan VanToai

February 10, 2016

A few years ago, I saw Phil Libin - the CEO of Evernote at the time - give a presentation in which he shared the idea that when you hold a product up to the light, you see a reflection of thepeople who made it - the team, the individual, the culture, whether they were inspired or not, etc...

That resonated with me, and to this day I believe it on a very literal level.

The people and team who builda product make all thedecisions - big and small - that add upto make the product everythingit is (and isn't).

With that philosophy in mind, earlier this week, we released a major overhaul to CrewFire's branding, website, and design direction.

Driven by our designer
are and aspire to be as a team.

Here are a few of the key updates:

New Logo

With the help of our friend Dang Nguyen, we'vereimagined the CrewFire logo.

The old logo was very graphic and rich with colors. It was inspired by the
logo, and designed to sit well next to the SimpleCrew logo as a close cousin.

While it accomplished that end, as a logo and brand, it was cartoonish. In fact, "cartoonish" was a general theme throughout the entire brand that I'd assembled- from the logo, to the choice of fonts, the website, and other branding components.

While the playful/cartoonish brand worked in some sense, we wanted to move our brand and image in a direction that reflects the refinement and cleanlinessthat we aspire towards with CrewFire.
We're building world class business software, and need a world class brand to drive it forward. The cleaner, sleeker logo lays thefoundation for that.

Home Page

If you're here, you've probablyalready noticed: we've completely overhauled our home pagewith a beautiful new design.

(link opens in a new window) is our #1 salesperson, and our face to the world. Echoing the sentiments and direction from our new logo design, we wanted a website that would put our absolute best foot forward and communicate the simple, clean effectiveness that we strive to build into our software.
We removed the hero graphic, and cleaned up the overall presentation to provide a clearmessage and call-to-action to the visitor.

Like everything else, this will not be set in stone. We'll continue to iterate and A/B test the effectiveness of different home page designs, but for now, this speaks to the design direction we'll be working with going forward.

Pricing Page

I'm in love this new
. We have a simple pricing model based on features and team size, but it wasn't being clearly communicated with the old pricing page.

With the new pricing page, we introduced a slider-UI inspired by
. Visitors are first clearly prompted to adjust the slider to estimate the number of team members they might need, and then given pricing accordingly.

It's simple, effective, and beautiful - exactly what we're aspiring to with our software.

Product Overview Deck

If the website is our Batman, the
is our Robin. We use a product overview deck in almost every email conversation we have with prospects and leads about CrewFire.
Before, it wasn't really doing us justice. Today, it's been leveled up in a big way.

I have to give massivecredit here to our designer Minh, who knocked the design of this baby out of the park. I look forward to every email I send with this deck attached.

Check it out for yourself here:


CrewFirewill become a standard in the social media marketing space, and with this new design direction, we're one step closer inthat direction.
Here's looking forward ?


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Alan VanToai

Co-Founder of CrewFire