Coming Soon: CrewFire 2.0

Alan VanToai

July 17, 2020

“This good shit. You’re pulling a lot of exciting stuff into this. I’m excited to use it."

- Dan Ragan - Founder, Lucid Marketing / Co-Founder, Filter Factory / Influencer Marketing Expert

“I love this tool! I think it’s fantastic! I’m genuinely impressed, and can’t wait to use it.”

- Kristen Matthews - Former Marketing Director, GroupHigh / Digital & Influencer Marketing Specialist

“You've built something really amazing."

- Sam Beecham - CoFounder, Ripple+


Over the past 2 months, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with over 60 different entrepreneurs and marketers about their businesses, growth goals, and brand ambassador marketing.

I’ve also invested in a half-dozen consultations (and more pending) with some of the top experts in the influencer and affiliate marketing space, to deepen my understanding of the opportunities and challenges brands are facing in the market today.

These conversations have lead to several insights that have got us here at CrewFire extremely excited, energized, and emboldened.

Have we got something in store for you.

The incremental updates we’ve been releasing over the past several weeks are now leading up to a product evolution so thorough, the only thing to do was name it.

So, you heard it here first: CrewFire 2.0 is coming soon.

CrewFire 2.0 represents an innovative new take on influencer and ambassador marketing, that will help brands drive more referrals, inspire user-generated content, and drive more shares and referrals on social media (and beyond).

Early feedback from customers and industry experts who’ve seen sneak-peeks of CrewFire 2.0 has been virtually unanimous: this thing is powerful, and they can’t wait to use it.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing more details, including special CrewFire 2.0 presale offers exclusively for CrewFire email list subscribers.

These offers will be extremely limited since we’ll be offering our first customers extremely tailored onboarding and support, so stay tuned for those updates to come (and if you haven’t yet, subscribe now so you don’t miss out.)

Don’t want to wait? Qualified brands* are encouraged to Request an Invitation to early access. We’ll review your requests, and if we think CrewFire will be a good fit, we’ll send you an invitation to discuss next steps.

Request your invitation here:

*Qualified brands:

  • Direct-to-consumer brands
  • $1M+ annual revenue / 20,000+ customer/email list
  • Passionate customers/audience
  • Visual brand/product/service (“Instagram industries”)

As always, we’re excited to be building for you, and are looking forward to sharing 2.0 with you here soon.

Big things coming. Stay tuned. 🔥🚀

-Alan VanToai

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Alan VanToai

Co-Founder of CrewFire


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