Coming Soon: CrewFire Major Technology Update! (Interview w/ CrewFire’s CTO Frederic Tulsidin)

Alan VanToai

November 4, 2020

CrewFire has a big announcement! We have been hard at work rebuilding our platform with the overarching goal to make CrewFire more powerful, intuitive, and polished so that you, our users, will enjoy every experience you have interacting with the app.

With that, we decided we didn’t want to keep you in the dark anymore about the major CrewFire technology updates we have been working on in the background for the past month! 

Founders of CrewFire Alan VanToai and Frederic Tulsidin sat down for a candid conversation where they discussed all the things Frederic has been working on over the past month.

Frederic, CrewFire's CTO, gave us some insight on what to expect once the new platform launch goes live. During the conversation, Alan and Frederic talk about:

  • What the team is doing and how CrewFire will evolve
  • Why we decided to do a rebuild
  • All of the benefits the users will receive from the rebuild

With that being said, let’s dive into what you can expect from CrewFire in the coming weeks!

What Is CrewFire Doing?

Right now, we are nearing the end of the finish line of our total rebuild of CrewFire. While you might not see anything too drastic when you first log on after the rebuild, there will bea lot of behind the scene factors going into play that will make your experience using CrewFire that much better.

Not only for you but for your ambassadors too! 

The original platform was built in the programming language Go, and while this language is powerful, it is relatively new, and, with any new language, finding quality programmers that are fluid in Go has been quite difficult. 

So, in order for us to come out with new features faster, we switched the platform over to JavaScript. 

There are tons of benefits to building our platform using JavaScript which will directly translate into your experience using CrewFire. These benefits include:

  • Faster building time for new and improved UX and UI features that brands are asking for.
  • Improved polish and ease of use.
  • Better deliver to manage every aspect of your program, from activities to ambassadors, and the overall experience of hosting your ambassador program on CrewFire.
  • The ability to build out our API. This will help with the launch of our mobile app! 

Rebuilding the platform with JavaScript will enable us to work at a much faster pace, and giving us the ability to pump out more features, faster than ever!

Why CrewFire Rebuilt the Platform?

There are a variety of reasons why we choose to rebuild CrewFire in JavaScript, but one of the biggest factors was the ability for us to start hiring some extremely talented developers that know Java like the back of their hand.

CrewFire wants to expand its development team so that we have more power to get you the features you want and to push our product to be the most powerful on the market.

Hiring from the very best in a universal programming language will only make us stronger, make CrewFire a seamless product with all the bells and whistle, and get you the experience you want! 

The more competent of a team we have, the better the product will be for you! Brands that partner with CrewFire have tons of amazing ideas for features, and with the rebuild, we will get those to you in no time. 

Your happiness using CrewFire is our motivation, always! 

The Benefits of the CrewFire Rebuild 

Along with some advanced feature updates that you will get introduced to once you are interacting with the rebuild of CrewFire, you will immediately see the difference in usability, polish, and flow. 

The rebuild of CrewFire will offer your brand:

  • Faster page loading speeds
  • Smoother and fluid transitions
  • An improved dashboard and synthesis 
  • More data, analytics, and ways to expose you to your program successes and areas for improvement
  • An overall higher user experience! 

The best part? With the rebuild, we will be one step closer to our highly anticipated mobile app! 

Expectations for the Coming Weeks 

This update started at the beginning of October and we can expect to be done with the rebuild by Friday (tomorrow!) 

We are moving fast with the rebuild to get it launched as quickly as possible. In the coming week, we will be testing for bugs, doing tons of QA testing, and smoothing out the edges so we can deliver you the best version of CrewFire yet.

We can’t wait to hear what you think and start working on all the exciting projects we have in the pipeline! 

Don't forget to check out our Master Changelog to see weekly CrewFire product updates!

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