CrewFire Early Access

Alan VanToai

January 26, 2016

Yesterday, we released aquick teaser video a lot of you have seen already (those of you subscribed to the early access list), but in case you haven't seen it yet, check it out:

We're going to do a month-longbeta test of the product starting here in the next couple weeks, likely for the month of August.

The beta will be limited primarilyto our backers from the presale we ran back in April, but we have room for a few more testers, so we're opening it up to you guys.

For anyone interested, here's the scoop. The test will be $50, and will include a month of unlimited access (that'sunlimited team members and unlimited # posts for the month). It'll startin early August and will last for 30 days.

We have room for 5 more testers, so if you want in,
, and we'll get you guys ramped up ASAP.


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Alan VanToai

Co-Founder of CrewFire