CrewFire Product Update: The New Features You've Been Waiting For!

Alan VanToai

October 19, 2020

What a week! As we enter this new week, we are happy to have added some new features or updated existing product features to keep CrewFire propelling upwards and to give you the best product experience on the market. 

Our CTO was hard at work last week creating new features that will make your experience with CrewFire more enjoyable and easier to navigate. 

Below you will find a walkthrough of each of the new or updated features you will be able to use with CrewFire! 🥳

Enabled floating support widget

Before, if ambassadors had a question about their program, they had to search for a way to contact your team. But, now, we have made it easier than ever for your ambassadors to get in touch with your team! 

With the help of the floating support widget, it is that much easier for your ambassadors to get in touch with your team when they are in need of support. The floating support widget is posted in the bottom right-hand corner, located on the ambassador page. 

When your ambassadors click on the support widget, an email with your specified address will be prompted, making it easier for ambassadors to get in touch with you. 

Now, your ambassadors won’t have to spend time searching for your company’s contact information, and it will be that much easier for your brand and your team of ambassadors to stay in contact and work through any questions, comments, or issues that may arise.

The "Customization Settings" page fields are now bigger and expandable

Before, when brands went to customize the CrewFire app, they were met with customization fields that were small and hard to manage. 

This week, we expanded the customization fields to be bigger to make writing your unique copy simple! No more scrolling up and seeing one or two lines of text as you are writing your copy. 

When you go to fill out the customization section in the CrewFire app, you will be met with large text boxes that will make telling your brand’s story effortless!

A WYSIWYG formatting editor is now available

When you went to create campaign instruction fields, even just last week, you were met with a blank text box when it came to writing campaign instructions. 

Now, thanks to our feature update, you will be met with a WYSIWYG formatting editor. You will be able to create campaign field instructions with much more variety now with the updated format editor! 

You will be able to use the WYSIWYG format editor when you go to write:

  • A submission campaign
  • A shares campaign 
  •  A community engagement post

Ambassadors can post in the community by default

Prior to our feature update, brands had to enable ambassadors to be able to post in the community, but we have now made it so that ambassadors are free to post in the community section of CrewFire as soon as they are brought on as an ambassador.

Enabling conversation in the community tab for ambassadors, allowing them to start posting from day one will help spark more engagement! Your ambassadors will no longer have to wait to be able to post and can start creating those meaningful relationships as soon as they become an ambassador! 

If this is a feature you do not wish to have, you can simply go into the settings page of the CrewFire app, go to features, then scroll down to functionality and disable this feature. We recommend keeping it on so that your community page is full of tons of conversation and relationship building! 

Payouts are now a $50 minimum, for bank & PayPal

If your brand brand has established monetary rewards in the form of, for example, cash payments for referrals, we have now made it so that minimum payout for both banks and PayPal are $50.

Now, your brands won’t have to pay large fees for only small payouts of, for example, $10 dollars. And, it will give your ambassadors motivation to make more referrals so that they can get their payouts! 

View archived campaigns

Before, when a campaign was completed, it was archived, but brands were unable to see their archived campaigns. We have now added the feature where you can go in and view all of your old archived campaigns!

Changed file upload limit to 50mb

This updated feature is quick and pretty self-explanatory, but you should find that your brand gains tons of benefits from it!

You will now be able to upload files that are up to 50mb. This will help your brand have a bit more ambiguity when it comes to creating YouTube videos to share with your ambassadors! 

Include manually rewarded points in rankings calculations

You have always been able to manually add points for ambassadors, but these manual points were not reflected in ambassador ranking calculation

We have made a feature update so now any manual points you give to an ambassador will be added to the ranking calculation! 

Now, the ambassador rankings listed will reflect the actual amount of points each ambassador has, regardless if the points are automatic or manually added! 

Support line breaks on welcome/invite emails

When you go to send a welcome or invite email to ambassadors, you used to have to manually place a line break in the emails, <br>. 

Now, CrewFire automatically supports a line break when you go to write an email to your ambassadors! You can type, and what you see before you hit send will be exactly what your ambassadors will get. 

Say goodbye to the extra steps of adding in an <br> each time you want a line break! 

We hope you love the new features! 

The goal of CrewFire is to make the best platform for brands to turn their customers into an army of brand ambassadors, and with each product update, we hope you are able to achieve your goal of growing your brand that much easier! 

Check back here weekly for weekly product updates!

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