CrewFire Product Update: New Permissions Feature (and More!)

Alan VanToai

November 12, 2021

Our engineering team has been creating new features that we are excited to announce are finally live in CrewFire!

These features were designed to help your team delegate tasks easier and provide CrewFire admin teams much more efficient day-to-day with regards to task management.

Here are the new features that we just shipped:

  • Permission system
  • Search an ambassador by coupon code
  • Rank by number of sales
  • Grouped commission reporting
  • Exchange points for commission

We hope that you enjoy these new features! Be sure to check out our changelog, which we update weekly.

Now, let's dive into the new features!

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Permission System

Several CrewFire customers asked if we could build out a permission system. They wanted to be able to assign and restrict various permissions to their admins and community members.

With the new permission feature,  account owners can control what level of access admins have.

We created this because some owners wanted to bring on ambassadors to help them approve/reject activities and maintain the community, but they didn't want them to access backend details.

Below is a demo of how to use the new permission system in CrewFire:

Search by Coupon Code

You can now search for an ambassador by their coupon code.

This feature is helpful for brands with a high number of ambassadors that need an easy way to monitor coupon codes.

Before, admins were unable to search via coupon codes. This caused issues when admins wanted to do quality control of coupon codes made by ambassadors.

Now, admins can look up any coupon code in the search bar in the ambassador table.

If an admin is not happy with the code structure set by an ambassador but is unsure who the code belongs to, they can search it and change it in the ambassador's profile.

Rank by Number of Orders

You can now rank by the number of orders generated during a given period in the admin portal!

This ranking type is only available for admins (ambassadors still can only rank by points and actions).

We created this feature to help admins gain insight into who their top earners are each month.

Group Commission Reporting

Under the payouts feature, you can now head over to the Reports tab and view a grouped list of commissions earned by ambassadors during any given period.

In this list, you will be able to find the ambassador's name, their current earnings for the given period, and lifetime earnings.

At the bottom, you will find the total for both amounts. We created this feature so admins have more clarity of how much an ambassador is getting paid out during a given period and throughout their time being an ambassador.

Exchange Points for Commission

We offer a new reward type where ambassadors can exchange points for rewards. Admins have the option to set the exchange rate between points and dollars, and ambassadors can claim their monetary reward and receive it when we send out payouts.

What Would You Like to See Next?

Let us know what features you want to see next! We love hearing from current and potential customers, so drop us a line.

As always, we look forward to growing alongside you all and can't wait to keep building out our roadmap to make CrewFire the most powerful ambassador/influencer software on the market.

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