CrewFire Product Update: Starting 2021 off with a Bang!

Alan VanToai

January 22, 2021

Here we are, folks! Our first product update of 2021 is here, and it's a good one.

We listened to what our customers wanted, and now we are here to show you our newest feature updates, live in action. Buckle up and hold on tight because we have some good things in store for you.

With these new features, you will find that the administrative tasks you have to do on CrewFire are more streamlined than ever.

This will free up your time so you can focus on the more exciting aspects of your ambassador program - new activities, UGC, and pushing new and exciting activities out for your ambassadors.

These new features updates will help our customers see a higher ROI, and will produce a more fluid experience using CrewFire.

With that, let's hop right into it and discuss the new product features you will be able to enjoy in CrewFire right now!

Don't forget to head over to our Master Changelog to track the progress the CrewFire dev team is making daily.

Submissions: More Information Available for Admins

When you go to the submission/UGC tab on CrewFire, you will find a list of activities you have created. Before, you just saw the list of activities, but now you will find more information!

Next to each activitiy, you cam mow see:

  • The number of points the activity is worth
  • The group(s) the activity is assigned to
  • The end date, if applicable

Check out for yourself!


Adjustable Points for Submission/UGC Activities

Sometimes, an admin may find that an ambassador did the submission activity correctly, but not quite up to the standard they were hoping for.

But, some brands mentionedthat they still want to give points for effort and asked for an adjustable point scale.

So, now, you can reward partial points for ambassadors that did a good job but whose posts didn't quite reach your expectations.

This will be great for keeping engagement high and showing your ambassadors that you appreciate their valiant efforts!


Downloadable Content on Ambassadors' Profile

We realized that a majority of ambassadors wanted to see the UGC that they created, but once a submission activity was archived, they were no longer able to access their content on CrewFire.

So, we made the profile tab for ambassadors more interactive. Now, ambassadors can see the content they created, what they wrote (if there was any text involved), and the comments from the admin!

Ambassadors will have access to a permanent record of content they have created for the brand they work with.

This will help ambassadors have more visibility into what content is a hit with their brand and what needs work so that they can keep improving their UGC!


Delete Ambassador Function is BACK!

This one is simple, but extremely useful!

The delete ambassador button is back, so now you can go to the ambassador tab and remove ambassadors from your program.

No more needing to email Taylor to do it for you. πŸ˜‰


Rankings Can Be Exported to a CSV

A small, but exciting feature! You can now export your rankings to a CSV file. Just go to the rankings tab, select the month you want to download, and hit the 'Export to CSV' button.


Larger Text Box for Text-Based Submissions

Text-based submissions are great. You can have your ambassadors write reviews, give you blog or content ideas, or examples of copy they will post along with their UGC, just to name a few.

That's why we decided to implement a larger text-box so ambassadors have more room to get creative and write more content for you.

Before, we only allowed a single line of text. But now, we have expanded the text box to be bigger. It will support a page limit and give your ambassadors more space to write some really powerful submissions.


Bulk Approve or Reject Submission Feature

You don't have time to go through EVERY submission and approve or reject it one-by-one, do you?

We told you, CrewFire wants to SAVE you time, so that's why we have now implemented a way for admins to bulk approve or reject submission activities.

Take a look below to see how!

Reward Images Are Now on the Order Page

Another small, but effective feature change. Before, when an ambassador went to redeem a reward, they only saw the description, reward title, and the 'redeem' button.

But now, they will see the image of the reward they are about to redeem along with the number of points needed to redeem the reward.

This will help reduce any confusion an ambassador might have about the reward they are about to redeem, plus it is more aesthetically pleasing.

Ambassadors Can Change their Notification Settings

Ambassadors can now change their notification settings. They will be able to go to their profile, then to Settings, and click 'notifications'

From there, they can choose to opt-in for email notification, SMS notifications, or both!

Second-Phase with Instructions for Shares

We introduced an instruction page for Share Activities. This will help ambassadors know exactly how to complete a Share Activity.

This will be exceptionally powerful for new ambassadors! Start getting your content circulating around on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram right away with a more seamless process for your ambassadors.

Bulk Approve or Reject Applicants

Again, what did I say about saving time?!

Some brands get a HUGE batch of ambassador applicants, and it often takes too much time to go through and approve or reject each individual ambassador.

But that is no longer the case. Now, you can bulk approve or reject applicants, saving your team ALL the time. πŸ™Œ

What Would You Like to See from CrewFire?

We always appreciate our customer feedback with regards to items that will help make CrewFire sing. Don't be afraid to reach out and tell us what you would like to see from CrewFire.

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