New CrewFire Features: Submission Cap, Password Reset (and more!)

Alan VanToai

December 17, 2020

Welcome back! Over the last month, CrewFire launched our new platform and with that, we have some exciting new features we can finally share with you!

Our product and dev team have some BIG ideas in the pipeline. In 2021, you will see so many awesome improvements that are going to make CrewFire drive a higher ROI for our customers.

We have documented all of our updates in our Master Changelog, so be sure to check that out!

Here are some highlights of the new features we have implemented to make hosting your brand ambassador program effortless and successful!

Added a "Forgot Password" Function

Recently, a lot of ambassadors have been having issues remembering their passwords and logging in. But now, ambassadors can change their own password with the 'forgot password' function.

That means, a lot less emails from ambassadors asking to help them change their password.

With that, ambassadors can also click on the eye icon and will be able to see their password, so they know if they entered it correctly or not.

Limit for the Number of Submissions

This feature is going to be extremely useful for any brand. You now have the ability to set a limit for submissions.

You can choose to filter the submissions by the activity, week, month, or day. This will ensure that ambassadors only submit the number of submissions they are supposed to and will stop duplicate submissions!


Custom Form Field - Reorder/Move Fields

This is a feature we are super excited about! AndΒ it will definitely be helpful for CrewFire customers as well. While small, it's highly effective.

When you go to add custom fields for your signup form, before, you couldn't switch the order once it was created. This made admins have to delete fields then reupload them to be in the proper order.

Now, you can simply click on the up or down arrows and change the position of the fields.


Implemented Rich Text Editors - Ambassadors and Admins

We have implemented a rich text editor throughout CrewFire. Now, whenever you need to write text on CrewFire, you will have a rich text editor available.

This will give you even more options when providing information to your ambassadors.

The example below is the new rich editor available in the reward section.


Improved Features on Community Tab

We have also implemented a few different changes in the community tab. More features are definitely coming soon within the next few weeks, so stay tuned for those.

Ambassadors now have a rich editor when they go to makae post in the community section. This will allow ambassadors to post links, images, file uploads, and video.

By having rich text editors available, ambassadors can now engage in more robust conversations with added options for expressing themselves (with images, videos, etc.)Β 

Ambassadors also have a rich editor when they go to post comments.

Above, you can see that someone posted a picture in the comment section. The comments also appear in chronological order, with the most recent comment showing up at the bottom.


See Who Liked Your Post on Community Posts

You can now click on the "link" icon and see who liked who your comment. This small change will harvest more conversation as your ambassadors will be able to see who is interactivng with their post.


An Easier Way for Ambassadors & Admin to Switch Accounts

Ambassadors that are working with several brands can easily toggle between their different accounts. All they need to do is head over to their profile then hit 'switch companies' button.

They can do this all with the same email!

Admins can do the same thing!


Reward Images Are Now Clickable

While this might seem like a small feature update, it will really help the ambassadors experiencing interactivng with rewards.

They can click directly on the image get brought to the checkout page. Before, ambassadors had to click exactly on the 'redeem' button.

Now, they can simply click anywhere on the reward and will get directed to checkout. Super. simpleee!


You Can Now Delete Archived Activities

You have the ability to delete old archived activities. When it comes time to do a bit of housekeeping, you can do in an delete all of your old activites.

This will get even more streamlined and polished in the future, so check back soon for more updates.

Be sure to head over to our Master Changelog to see the continuous progress we have made, bugs we have fixed, updated every week!

Can't wait to bring you more product updates!


Ready to turn your customers into your army of brand ambassadors? If so, check out CrewFire's epic demo video to see how you can drive more referrals, word-of-mouth, and user-generated content for your Shopify store.

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