New CrewFire Rebuild: We're Going Live on Monday!

Alan VanToai

November 13, 2020

The CrewFire development team (aka our CTO, Frederic) has been hard at work building our new platform. 

And finally, we are going live! 

Monday, November 16th, you will be met with our new platform. We have been working on quality testing and bug testing for the past week, with the goal of having as few bugs or issues reports as possible when you log in to your CrewFire account on Monday. 

But, with any new product launch, some bugs and issues may arise. So that is why we want to enlist your support, our wonderful customers, to help us find any issues that we might have missed during testing. 

When we go live on Monday, and if you find a bug or an issue, either head here or go to the bottom of this blog you will find a link where you can report any issues you are having with the new CrewFire platform. 

We are going to be all hands on deck next week, preparing to help solve any problems that come up as quickly as possible! So please, don’t be shy and let us know what you find!

Don't forget to head over to our Master Changelog and see weekly CrewFire product updates!

CrewFire Rebuild Sneak Peek!

You didn’t think I would write this blog post and NOT give you a quick sneak peek of what is to come, did you? 

While we did a ton of work to strengthen the backend of CrewFire, we also took some time to build out the interface to be more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing! 

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the changes you can expect when you log in to CrewFire on Monday! 

The New CrewFire Dashboard

The first new feature that you will be able to check out when you log in on Monday is the updated dashboard. We created a new dashboard for you to track your activities, posts, and points! This new graph will lead to easier reading and evaluation of your program. 

We hope you enjoy! 

CrewFire Teams 

Teams are now easier to manage and 10x easier to see visually!  Peek the example below. 😉

The Ambassador List

The ambassador list on CrewFire has changed to be more clean and polished. You will now be able to see who has connected their social media by checking out the icons next to their names, and track points and commission! 

The Rewards Page

The way rewards were displayed for ambassadors was super clean, but from an admin point of view, the rewards tab wasn’t up to the same visual standards. So, we wanted to change the interface to be more visually appealing!

Now, you will be able to actually see what your rewards look like once you upload them. Super clean! 😁

The Submissions/UGC Tab

The submission/UGC tab will now allow you to check out statistics and track your campaign progress! Right at the top of the page, you will be able to see the number of activities, points, and posts. Plus, the new platform offers a better visual layout! 

The Engagement Tab

The engagement tab will have the same visual changes as the submission tab. You will be able to see how many live activities you have, how many posts there are, and the total number of points generated from the activity! 

We Can’t Wait to Hear What You Think!

The new CrewFire rebuild has been happening in the background for some time now and we are so excited to finally launch it and hear what you think! 

Big things will be coming from CrewFire, and this new rebuild is just the start. Once we have all of the kinks ironed out, you can expect feature requests to be implemented faster than ever and a better overall user experience! 

We hope you love the new rebuild!

If you have a bug to report, please do so with the following link and we will get back to you ASAP with a fix.

Be sure to check out our Master Changelog to see weekly product updates!

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