CrewFire Updates & Improvements (Free Trial Offer Inside)

Alan VanToai

February 1, 2019

Along with all the improvements below, we’re pleased to offer free CrewFire trials for the first time ever.

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Hey folks! Hope everyone’s 2019 is off to a strong start.

Ours certainly is! At the end of 2018, CrewFire went through a major internal change in which we ended our Vietnamese engineering operations, and brought on a new partner Frederic Gingras as CTO.

Under Frederic’s guidance, we rebuilt the entire CrewFire platform from scratch, doing away with the many legacy issues that plagued the old system, and laying the technical foundation for future improvements.

After taking some time to iron out the kinks in the new release, we’re proud to announce the first of MANY improvements and new features we have in store for the weeks and months ahead.

These first few improvements are smaller, but keep your eyes peeled for some BIG exciting announcements over the next few weeks:

## 1. New Campaign Builder (Admins/Owners)
After switching over to the new codebase, our Campaign Builder was a functional but ugly mess that provided an unpleasant (and unnecessarily complicated) user experience.

This week, we pushed live an updated Campaign Builder flow for Admins & Owners, bringing back the simplified, multi-step campaign creation process including a progress bar so users know exactly where they are in the process.

The new Campaign Builder will make campaign creation a more pleasant, streamlined experience for all Admins and Owners:

## 2. Improved Campaigns Tab (Ambassadors)
We started to notice that many Ambassador’s "Campaigns” Tab were getting unwieldy and messy.

Evergreen Hashtag Campaigns were comingled with temporal/ephemeral Post Suggestion Campaigns, including old ones that weren’t relevent to the user anymore.

Making matters worse, if an Ambassador didn’t want to share a particular Post Suggestion Campaign, there was no way to clear that Campaign from their list view, making the list view effectively a growing graveyard of old, irrelevant campaigns.

Our new Campaigns Tab for Ambassadors:
- Puts Hashtag Campaigns (always relevent, ongoing, and evergreen) at the top of the list
- Has filter options to view Hashtag or Post Suggestion campaigns
- Lets Ambassadors DISMISS irrelevant campaign, so they can keep their Campaigns tabs organized.

## 3. Improved Mobile Views (Ambassadors)
As seen in the screenshot above, we’ve also improved the mobile experience for Ambassadors, including:
- Added dropdown navigation for improved usability
- Emphasizing points in header and on campaigns for increased engagement and conversions.

We’ll be continuing to increase the prevalence of points throughout the Ambassador UIs, which will make the software more fun, engaging, and motivating for your Ambassadors as they try to climb the ranks and earn more points!

## 4. Improved Onboarding Wizard
New free trial signups are now welcomed to CrewFire with a brief, 3-step onboarding wizard:
- First, a brief 1-minute video from yours truly, welcoming the new user to CrewFire, explaining the basics, and how to get started.
- Second, inviting new team members to join.
- Third, a brief explanation of how to create your first campaign.

With this new onboarding experience, new trials will be more effectively onboarded and will have an easier time understanding to use CrewFire to grow their presence on social media.

## Coming Soon:
- Updating onboarding for Ambassadors
- Updated campaign sharing flows for Ambassadors
- Many smaller usability and design adjustments and improvements

That’s all for now.

As mentioned above, we’re now offering [FREE CREWFIRE TRIALS]( for the first time ever.

If you haven’t yet, see all these improvements for yourself by signing up for a [100% risk-free free trial here]( (no credit card necessary!).

There’s a LOT more where this came from, and I’m looking forward to keeping you updated with progress over the next few weeks and months.

Here’s to a big 2019 for all of us!


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