Introducing Affiliate & Referral Tracking in CrewFire (and more!)

Alan VanToai

July 6, 2020

Since its inception, CrewFire has centered around the idea of helping brands mobilize their audience as brand ambassadors to help drive word-of-mouth and promote brand-related content to their friends and followers on social media.

But in that time, CrewFire never offered a way for brands to measure actual conversions, sales, and ROI of their brand ambassador programs.

Until now.

Starting today, brands can set up affiliate & conversion tracking in CrewFire so they can see which ambassadors are driving traffic, signups, sales, and more.

With CrewFire’s affiliate tracking system, each of your brand ambassadors are assigned unique referral links that track when they drive new visitors to your website, and when any of those new visitors convert (tracking via discount codes is coming next).

CrewFire’s tracking system can track any kind of conversion on your website - including email subscribers, digital downloads, purchases, and more.

You can set reward rules for these conversions, giving you the option to reward your ambassador with points or referral commissions in cash (and yes, CrewFire handles direct deposit to their bank accounts so they can cash out without leaving the platform!).

Both you and the ambassadors can see how their links are performing - including how many visitors and conversions they’ve driven to your site, along with their earnings and payout options.

We’re extremely happy to be bringing affiliate & referral tracking to life in CrewFire, and are excited to see the value this creates for direct-to-consumer brands selling on e-commerce stores and beyond.

(Along with affiliate & referral tracking, a list of other exciting updates is shared below.)

If you’re a growing direct-to-consumer brand with passionate customers, we invite you to request an invitation to CrewFire to see if CrewFire is right for you.

You can do so at

Thanks, and we’ll see you on the inside!

Other Product Updates

  • Brands/Admins can now customize the messaging of all the emails and texts that go out for campaign notifications and invitation emails
  • Brands/Admins can now customize the color palette throughout the ambassador experience
  • CrewFire portal now shows branded logo throughout the application
  • Brands/Admins can now view & download video files submitted to Open Submission Campaigns
  • Brands can now upload their own Terms & Conditions Policies that ambassadors opt-in to when signing up.


  • Updated Ambassador signup page including links to T&C and a typo.
  • Streamlined points style throughout the app (yellow bubbles)
  • Updated the Add Admins workflow in Company Settings to make it easier & more intuitive to add new colleagues as admins
  • Improved the ambassador view of campaigns containing long URLs.
  • Improved the campaign creation process for brands (allowing them to modify points when navigating back to earlier screens, fixed header view bug)
  • Improved the “Edit” and “Delete” post experience for Admins on the Community page
  • Improved the Admin view of campaign reports table to show dates of posts more clearly.

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