Is CrewFire right for me?

Alan VanToai

February 23, 2016

Today I’m going to tackle a question that we get asked a lot as a new company: Is CrewFire right for me?

The short answer: CrewFire is for brands that rely on Social Media (or couldbe), and have a message worth sharing.

Let’s break that down a bit.

Do you have a kick-ass brand, product, service, event or offerthat people actually want to hear about?

Do you have (or can you rally) a team of brand ambassadors that would be willing to help you spread this message to their friends and family? (protip: incentives help!)

These advocates could include your:

If your brand matches these two criteria - CrewFire canbe an
tool for you.That said, here are a few specifcuse cases that are currently killing it with CrewFire.

Concert, Event, and Nightlife Promotions

We launched our first product
to address issues of accountability and organization for the offline/street team promoting space. 5 years later and it’s widely known as the most advanced street team management platform on web and mobile (humble brag).

Not all, but a majority of our SimpleCrew customers are in the event promotion space - from concerts, to tours to festivals. This is a space we know well and was the initial inspiration for CrewFire. Many of our early adopters are already
by managing their digital army through the platform.

CrewFire helps these promoters engage and mobilize their teams like never before.

Employee Advocacy

I’ve broken this out from promoters because this is an often overlooked, but potentially very powerful asset.

Depending on the size and nature of your company, you may have an entire army of employeeswho have untapped potential as your biggest brand advocates.

Your team obviously wants to see you succeed. Why don't you you make it easy for them to share company curated content to their friends and followers?

Think for a second what would happen if your business mobilized your dozens, hundreds, of even thousandsof employees to help youpush an end of the year sales promotion? Or had an employee advocacy system in place to unify and streamline your recruiting efforts?

All very possible with CrewFire :)

Customer Advocacy

Depending on your brand / message (see checkpoint 1 above), your customers may be more than willing to help spread the word about your brand, product or service.

This is especially true with lifestyle and consumer brands - many of your customers are already talking about you and recommending you online.

With CrewFire, you can streamline this advocacy and word of mouth process, building more trust with consumers faster, and ultimately driving more salesfor your brand online.

Fan / Supporter Advocacy

Athletes, musicians, bloggers, and artists of all kinds can rally and empower their fans and audience with CrewFire.

We take pride in helping them focus on their passion by leaving the minutiae of social media marketing to us. Causes (ie NGOs) also fall into this category.

Sometimes your biggest assets are the people who like what you’re doing and altruistically want to see you succeed (protip - it starts with friends and family). Make it easy and organized for them with CrewFire.

 Bonus: Kitchen Sink

This one hits home for us as a young and scrappy startup.

We know first hand how important it is get the word out by any means necessary. It all starts with early adopters, employees and, of course friends and family.

Don’t worry, CrewFire doesn’t limit you to any of of the example use cases above.

- whether you’re a struggling artist, a local business, or a fortune 500 company, CrewFire can help you 10x your reach on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, by leveraging your very own army of social media brand ambassadors.

Curious to learn more?Check out


Still with us? Good, because now that we got the particulars out of the way, we can focus on the fun stuff. Keep your eyes peeled (and subscribe below!) for more updates on how to reach more customers on social media.

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Alan VanToai

Co-Founder of CrewFire