More Fun with Standups at CrewFire!

Alan VanToai

January 23, 2021

😅 (More) Fun with Standups at CrewFire 🤪

Last week, I shared a video of a little culture experiment we're running at CrewFire to breathe a bit of gratitude and positivity into our daily CrewFire standups.

A couple days a week, we'd start off our daily standup meeting by picking a gratitude prompt and taking turns answering it.

In starting our meetings off with gratitude prompts, we found that our meetings, mornings, and even entire days were more positive and uplifting as a result.

(The gratitude prompts also came with the added of giving us all a chance to learn a bit more about one another in ways that we might not have otherwise - especially as a fully remote & distributed team.)

In the video, I mentioned that we were only doing the gratitude prompts a couple times a week, so that it wouldn't become just routine and boring. We wanted to keep it special.

But, in the days after sharing that video, we quickly realized that the meetings that didn't start with the gratitude practice were missing something.

Compared to the warmth and positivity of the meetings that started off with gratitude prompts, the gratitude-less meetings felt cold and transactional.

So, again, we're trying something new.

This week, we started playing around with a new idea for morning prompts that would breathe a little fun and playfulness into our daily standup routine, while also giving each of our team members a little opportunity to practice leadership.

First, each of us came up with some fun ideas for prompts or questions that we can ask the team.

Anything (appropriate) is fair game (with the consideration that the idea was to get to know one another better while keeping the vibe positive).

Then, we rotate. Each morning, we pick one person to share their prompt, and then lead us through the exercise and the rest of the standup meeting to follow.

So far, we've found it to be a fun way to breathe some positivity and connection into our morning meetings, while also giving our team members the chance to practice their leadership skills in a comfortable environment.

Just another fun little culture experiment we're running inside CrewFire. Let us know what you think!

(Also, on today's prompt: what are you laughably bad at? 😅)

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