New in CrewFire! (Notes on Ambassadors, Manual Commissions, Comment on Applicants, and More!)

Alan VanToai

February 22, 2021

Welcome back to another feature update blog!

We launched our newest design overhaul two weeks ago, and now we have been able to get to the list of features our customers have been requesting.

And we got some good ones! So let's get right into it. Here are the newest CrewFire feature updates.

To see the full list of CrewFire updates, be sure to head over to our Master Changelog for the deets!

Notes on Ambassadors' Profile

More often than not, there are a few admins working for a brand, and work out of different accounts. But, there is no surefire way for admins to be able to communicate with each other in CrewFire.

Knowing that we wanted to create an easy way for admins to leave notes about an ambassador in CrewFire. So, we added a feature for ambassadors to leave notes in an ambassador's profile!

This super easy communication system will help admins work in harmony all within CrewFire.

Comment on Applicants

This is a big feature we are excited to launch. Admins now can write a comment when they accept or reject an applicant.

This is extremely useful for admins that want to add a reason why a person has been rejected from their program. It will help the applicant strengthen their application for the next time they try to join the program.

This adds a more personalized touch when approving/rejecting an applicant instead of a standard, canned response.

Changes to Ambassador Coupon Codes

Admins can now change ambassador coupon codes. All you have to do is go to the ambassador's profile and hit the 'change' button. This is great if admins already have a set list of coupon codes they want to use and want to easily change them after onboarding.

Enable/Disable Ability for Ambassadors to Change Referral Codes

A lot of admins asked for this feature, and now it is finally available!

You can go to your feature settings and enable or disable this feature. It's totally up to you!

Add Manual Commission

You have always been able to manually add or subtract  points, but now you can also manually add or subtract commission. This will help in case you want to reward money outside of referrals for an ambassador.

You simply need to go to the ambassador profile, click on 'add/subtract points' and then add the amount and viola!

Remember that you will be adding dollars, so double-check the amount!

Teams Listed on Main Ambassador List

We realized that it was hard to tell which ambassador belonged to which team unless you went directly into the team and checked out the list. But, we added a field on the main ambassador page that will show you which team an ambassador is in (if they are in a team).

This will help admins to stay organized!

Point-Based Referral History

Brands have to choices when it comes to rewarding ambassadors for referrals - points or money.

Before, even when a brand was only doing a point-based commission, there would still be traces of money throughout CrewFire. This leads to confusion from the ambassadors, especially under their referral history.

So, we went in and made it so that if a brand is only doing a point-based commission, then ambassadors will only see points in their history and throughout their profile.

Take a look below at what an ambassador will see!

Past Engagement Activities Listed in Ambassador Portal

Before, engagement posts disappeared after 24-hours from the ambassador portal, but now old activities are listed along with the end date.

Ambassadors are free to click on the old activities and engage with them, but they will not receive any points for doing so, as indicated by the 0 point symbol next to the end date.

What New CrewFire Features Do You Want to See?

While some of these features are smaller lifts, they are going to help admins save time all while creating a better overall product for you and your ambassadors!

What features do you want to see CrewFire incorporate? Send us a message and let us know!

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