New in CrewFire: Submission/UGC Design Update (and More!)

Alan VanToai

April 21, 2021

We are excited to be bring you these new CrewFire features. We have been working on designing a new and more polished product design for a few weeks now, and finally, it's live in CrewFire!

This CrewFire feature update includes:

  • New Submission/UGC Design Update
  • Ambassador Profile Design Update
  • Specific Team Rewards
  • More Stats for Engagement Activities
  • Community Post Order

Be sure to check out our Changelog, which is updated weekly to give you a look at the continuous evolution of CrewFire as well as bug tracking and fixes to the product.

Let's dive into it!

New Submission/UGC Design Update

We completely changed the layout of the submission/UGC tab on the admin side.

Let's walk through the new design.

Below, you will see an example of the new layout. With the new design, all file uploads will embed and you will be able to easily view them.

If you click on the file, you will be able to view it in a separate tab and easily download it (in case you want to repurpose it later).

All pending activities will be highlighted in your brand colors, as you can see with the orange, so you know exactly which activities have been approved or rejected and which are pending.

You can toggle between the filters at the top; All, Pending, Approved, and Rejected, and the activities will sort based on the filter.

You can also filter for what type of content upload you wish to see in the drop-down menu in the right-hand corner.

Once an activity is approved or rejected, the color of the box will change to white, as seen above, and the approved or rejected symbol will be filled in with color - green for approved and red for rejected.

Leave a comment by clicking on the comment icon, and your comment will be sent to the ambassador once their submission has been approved or rejected.

Lastly, you can still bulk approve or reject, just like before!

The goal for the updated submission/UGC design was to add more functionality and organization when approving/rejecting ambassador submissions.

Ambassador Profile Design Update

This is still an evolving update, but we have been working on improving the design of ambassador profiles, and have some exciting progress to share!

The goal for the ambassador profile update is to provide admins with a CRM directly in CrewFire where you can pull important information from each of your ambassadors.

Under the ambassador's name, you will now find how many points they have, their lifetime earnings, and what team(s) they are assigned to.

You will also find their join date, email, and coupon code, all easily organized.

Lastly, you will find their social media handles and how many friends/followers they have.

Specific Team Rewards

In our last feature update post, we discussed the new feature of team access rewards, where an ambassador can use their points to access a team.

But, we wanted to keep building off of the team aspect in CrewFire, so now you can publish a reward that is specific to one or a few teams, instead of the whole group.

When you go to create a new reward, you can select which team(s) you want to create the reward for, and it will only be visible to the ambassadors in the specific team(s).


More Stats for Engagement Activities

We shipped a new feature that provides more statistics for Engagement Activities.

When you click on any of your Engagement Activities, at the top you will be able to see how many ambassadors engaged, the total number of points earned, and the total number of likes and comments.


The same stats are tracked for Twitter Engagement Activities. You will be able to see the total number of ambassadors that engaged, total points earned, and the number of likes, retweets, and replies.

Twitter Engagement Activities are only turned on for a few CrewFire customers as we are beta testing it at the moment, but hopefully next week, it will be turned on for all CrewFire customers!

Community Post Order

This is a small, yet effective feature update. Before, admins weren't able to change the order of their pinned posts in the community tab. This caused the most recent pinned post to be at the top and often pushed admin welcome posts to the bottom of the pinned posts.

Now, you can change the order of the community posts. Posts will be pinned in order by post date (descending).

Here's an example of how to change the order of your pinned posts:

What Do You Want to See Next?

We are excited to hear what you think about these new features and we hope that they make your time using CrewFire that must more efficient and enjoyable!

As always, we are excited to continue to grow and thrive alongside you. πŸ₯°

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