Some great CrewFire questions (and their answers)

Alan VanToai

February 25, 2016


His team is getting ramped up with CrewFire this week, so we jumped on a call to address some of the questions he had before getting started.

The questions were great, and I figured you might be wondering some of these too, so here’s a quick rundown of all of Mike'squestions and their answers.

) and we can either schedule a call oraddress via email.

Enjoy :)


What happens after I sign up? How do I get started?

, you'll invite your team to sign up as advocates for your brand.

To do that, simply send them your unique sign-up link (you’ll see it on the “Recruit” page).

Once your team members have started signing up, you can start suggesting content for them to share on Facebook and Twitter (we call these “Blasts”).

Every time you create a new Blast, your team members receive email & text message notifications inviting them the share the Blast on Facebook or Twitter.

Once they share the post, you can see stats and reports showing you who shared each post, and what kind of engagement they received.

Cool. Do you have a guide you can send me with more getting started details?

We do! Check it out here:
(CrewFire Blog).

That said, like all our favorite software, we designed CrewFire to be SUPER easy and intuitive to get started using.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be rolling out more helpful guides and new owner kits to help you guys make the most out of CrewFire.

We’re also going to have a getting started guide for team members that you’ll be able to share with your team. Keep your eyes peeled for those.

How do new posts work, exactly? Do I make posts on my Facebook Page and then my team shares them? Or do I make new posts in CrewFire?

CrewFire is not connected to your Facebook Fan or Business Page. You create new Facebook Posts and Tweets for your advocates in CrewFire.

After you create the post, we send them notifcations (email & text message) inviting them to share the post on their personal Facebook and Twitter accounts.

We like to do “Share” campaigns, where I ask my team to share posts from my Facebook Business Page (to help us get more visibility/engagement on the page). Is there any way to push my team to Share a Facebook Post form my Page?

Great question. Yes!

When you create a new Blast/Campaign in CrewFire, you can include links.

If the link you include is a permalink to another Facebook Post (from your business Facebook Page, for example), then when your team members make the Blast, it’ll show up as a Facebook Share.

This is an incredibly powerful way for you to drive virality and shares of any Facebook Post on your fan page.

For a step-by-step breakdown (and video) of how one company launched a viral post to over 138 shares using this strategy, check out our recent case study:

(CrewFire Blog)

I have different groups of people who would sign up for CrewFire - customers, casual fans, employees, etc… Is there a way to segment the lists so I can make sure everyone is only getting posts that would be relevent for them?


Our premium tier includes a Groups feature, so you can segment your list into groups to send more targetted blasts.

This way, as one example, you can suggest 2-3 posts per week for your employees and internal team members (since they’ll be more active and more relevent), while only suggesting 1 post per week for your casual fans and broader audience (so they don’t get overwhelmed with more Blast invites than they can handle).

Another way you can use this is to segment your list into groups by interests, city/market/region, or age range, so you can send more targetted and relevent Blast suggestions to different segments of your group.

Do the advocates get notifications in a mobile app or what? How do the notifications work?

We’re working on mobile apps for iPhone and Android, which should be ready this summer.

Until then, new Blast invitations go out to your team via email and text message/SMS.

When they click the link, they can see the post and choose to customize or edit it before sharing the post on Facebook or Twitter.

Is it just Facebook for now?

We’re currently live on Facebook. We had to rework our Twitter workflow, and will be back online with Twitter by the end of February.

Instagram will follow. We should be live with a first version of CrewFire for Instagram in March, and will improve on it with a second version when our mobile apps go live this summer.


That’s it! Thanks for reading.

Again, if you have any other questions, we have an open door. Shoot us anemail (
) and we can either schedule a call oraddress via email.

-Alan VanToai

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Alan VanToai

Co-Founder of CrewFire