Our Twitter service interruption, and next steps

Alan VanToai

January 28, 2016

Last week, our Twitter service was cut off. Attempts to post Tweets from CrewFire began returning errors.

The reason behind the (automated) restriction are unclear, as communication from Twitter’s end has been limited to mostly canned email responses, leaving us with little insight into what’s going on.

(Nothing new or shocking here, unfortunately. Twitter’s reputation for being a less-than-idealplatform partner is well documented - to the point that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey kicked off a recent developer conference with a
, promising to try and do better.)


For a day or two, with no progress in our attempts to connect with Twitter’s Platform team, we considered the implications of dropping Twitter support altogether.

We even asked some of our customers (Hey Jeff! Hey Maria!) how important Twitter integration was to them, and while they confirmed that they could live without it, the thought of dropping Twitter from CrewFire altogether just didn’t feel right to us.

We had to try

Earlier today I got on a call with Mike to discuss options.

We tossed around a few ideas, ranging from shell apps to route all posts through, to iframe embeds, to hashtag-tracking.

Some of the ideas were better than others (and some more “white-hat” than others…)

And then we stumbled across Twitter’s
(go ahead, click it!)


Using Web Intents, we outlined a awesome new Twitter workflow that’ll be sustainable over the long term, virtually eliminating any chance of being cut off from Twitter in the future (short of Twitter deprticating the Web Intents standard).

The new Twitter Web Intents is a top priority of ours, and is already in development.

We’ll be back online with Twitter shortly.

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Alan VanToai

Co-Founder of CrewFire