Welcome John! CrewFire's Newest Team Member

Alan VanToai

March 18, 2021

We welcomed our newest addition to the team last week!

We are excited to introduce you all to John Bullock, our new sales and operations hire. John will bring his technical skillset and a fresh set of eyes to CrewFire. As he gets ramped up, he will play a major role in streamlining our day-to-day operations.

He will also play a more customer-facing role, so you will likely get the chance to meet him soon.

We wanted to allow you to learn a bit more about him, so we asked him some simple questions so you can all get acquaint nicely.

So let's hop into the interview we did with John!

What's John's Role at CrewFire

John will be taking ownership of operations and will have a hand in sales as well. You will be able to catch John leading & organizing business operations, which includes:

  • Propping up teams, divisions, and departments within CrewFire
  • System Design, processes execution, and tooling
  • Hiring, onboarding, and training new team members

John's Experience and Education

John studied and received his BS from Arizona State University in Computer Software Engineering. While he was getting his degree, he worked as a Data Analyst at Uber.

After graduating, John continued working for Uber and moved up to Process Specialist in Data Analytics.

When asked about what he enjoyed most studying at ASU and living in Arizona, he said:

I think it was just putting myself in a new and challenging environment. I'm the type of person who gets bored with being comfortable. Before ASU, I studied business at a community college in Northern California and while my education there was great, I felt as though my growth as a person was beginning to plateau. Discovering Arizona was a new and unknown path for me to step out of my comfort zone, meet new people and broaden my horizons.

What Excites John Most About Working at CrewFire?

There are (obviously) so many exciting things about working at CrewFire, but for John, he is excited about working in the startup space and to work with a passionate and motivated team.

What's hyping John up the most about working at CrewFire includes:

  • Working in a new environment with unlimited opportunity for growth
  • To work with and build a team of people dedicated to the business
  • The chance to put myself in a new and unknown space where I have to listen, learn and execute

Three Fun Facts about John

Now, here is the fun part! Outside of work, John has a lot of hobbies and things he enjoys doing.

We asked him to tell us three fun facts about himself, and he said:

  1. I am an avid golfer
  2. I have a Borderdoodle puppy named Lilly (3 months old as of March 2021)
  3. I love "nerdy" things (Superheroes, Star Wars, Game Of Thrones etc...)

We are also fans of all the 'nerdy' things out there so we will have a lot to talk about shortly!

Welcome aboard, John! We are excited for you to grow alongside us. ๐Ÿ™‚

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