We're Hiring! POWERFUL Customer Success Manager! (Employee #1!)

Alan VanToai

September 20, 2020

Hello Customer Success Managers!

Could you find passion in helping independent entrepreneurs and brands grow their businesses?

Are you hungry to learn and eager to get in at the ground floor (FIRST HIRE!) of a CRAZY fast-growing (nearing 20x over 4 months! 🚀 🚀) SaaS startup?

If so, read on…

My name is Alan VanToai, and I am a serial SaaS entrepreneur with 2 previous exits.

Now, I’m the founder of CrewFire.com, a SaaS platform that helps e-commerce brands and entrepreneurs transform their businesses by turning their customers into their army of brand ambassadors and micro-influencers.

I am looking for a sharp & personable customer success manager to be our FIRST HIRE in CrewFire - the fastest growing business I’ve had the pleasure of leading in my 8 years in business.

We are on a mission to help independent entrepreneurs grow and thrive, in a world increasingly dominated by big tech, and increasingly hostile to independent businesses.

We are bringing on customers at an accelerating pace, and it’s VITAL to their success and ours that we don’t just drop them out of the bottom of the funnel after closing a deal, but instead, we coach, guide, and train them through the process of getting ramped up with the product and getting value from it.

Primary Responsibility

As a beachhead hire you will work directly with me to create, document, refine, and implement our customer success process, including:

  • Welcoming our new customers, and coaching them through success with CrewFire (and beyond)
  • Track customer progress through milestones and help guide/nudge them when they fall of track.
  • Celebrate their early wins (and find other ways to delight them!)
  • Create helpful support documentation, templates, and resources
  • Manage inbound customer support requests, triage, coordinate with product/development team, and communicate progress with customers.

Secondary Roles

As a startup, we'll wear many hats. Some of your others hats will include:

  • Drive customer advocacy (generate reviews on review sites, get video testimonials, do customer success interviews for case studies)
  • Implement HubSpot support
  • Generate & publish case studies
  • Generate best-practices playbooks and ideas to inform marketing content to share through videos, guides, blog posts
  • Be the champion and voice of the customer internally at CrewFire (which leads to shaping internal strategy: marketing, product, etc).
  • Document, disseminate, and share customer learnings for the rest of the team & organization.

Necessary Skills

  • Great interpersonal skills. Very friendly, charismatic, and personable.
  • Native fluency with digital marketing, media, and business: social media, marketing e-commerce, software tools, etc...
  • Patient teacher/coach/mentor
  • Genuinely passionate about serving, helping, and supporting others
  • Great written & spoken communication (extremely comfortable on video Zoom calls, recorded video, etc)
  • Well organized & detail oriented
  • Takes initiative
  • Wants to learn and grow

Culture Fit

Culture fit is as important as skill fit for long-term success. These are our core values, and we will vet every candidate for their fit with these points BEFORE considering

  • We are deeply passionate about the work we are doing. This is about more than just a paycheck. This is about building something that serves others, while building an exceptional team and business in the process.
  • We hold ourselves a high standards of excellence.
  • We are committed to creating and delivering genuine, transformational value for our customers.
  • We are obsessed with designing and implementing thoughtful, beautiful experiences in every aspect of our business.
  • We are committed to our own journeys of personal growth and self-development.
  • Despite it all, we remain deeply committed to breathing fun and playfulness into every aspect of our business, organization, product, and brand.

In addition, I’ve published a fair amount on YouTube (search “Alan VanToai”), and on my personal website (www.zenhustle.com), so feel free to browse some of my content to see if you vibe with my values and personality.

A Powerful Growth Opportunity

As our first hire, you have the potential to influence the trajectory of this business as a pseudo co-founder. Indeed, we will be keeping that fact in mind as we vet and filter candidates.

And if we're a good fit, this role will rapidly evolve into a leadership role within the company as we scale (which, again, we’re doing RAPIDLY!)

We have a fast-paced, results-oriented team, and we hold ourselves to high standards of excellence and high expectations for continued growth and contribution to our growing business.


This role is start as a full-time contractor position, and the starting contract rate will range from $2,000 - $4,000/mo depending your experience and qualifications.

This is a 100% location independent and remote job, but you will be expected to maintain US working hours to communicate effectively with our team and our customers.

Please apply if you are serious. We are looking for the best people to join us for the long term.

The hiring process will include the questions in the TypeForm linked below. For qualified candidates, a set of follow up questions will follow, and then a test project or interview afterwards.

Apply Here: https://crewfire1.typeform.com/to/DvtwQV2s

Thanks, and I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Alan VanToai

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Alan VanToai

Co-Founder of CrewFire