We’re One Week In! (New CrewFire Platform Update)

Alan VanToai

November 20, 2020

Phew! We launched our new platform on Monday and it has been a week! We have gotten lots of good feedback from CrewFire customers. 

But, with that, there were also some bugs we needed to work out. Our team was busy at work this week to ensure the smoothest transition to the new platform as possible! 

If you are a current CrewFire customer, we really appreciate your patience during this week!

Below is a bit more in-depth explanation of the changes that have come from CrewFire over this past week.

Don’t forget to hear over to our Master Changelog to see the summary of progress we have been making since July!

Added features to the engagement tab

If you have opted in to get messages from CrewFire asking you to confirm if you want your most recent post on Instagram to be sent out to ambassadors to engage with, then you will now have an even easier time approving your engagement activities! 

Now, you will be able to see all of your pending engagement posts right under the engagement tap. You can choose to approve or archive the post. Once you approve, your ambassadors will be notified right away! 

Talk about easy. 😉

An easier way to track pending submissions 

We heard a lot before from other admins that it was hard to keep track of new submissions that were waiting to be approved or rejected. Now, you will easily be able to check out how many posts you have pending approval. This will ensure you never miss a post from your ambassadors! 

Another feature we added was the ability for you to be able to undo a rejection or submissions. In case you made a mistake, you can easily undo it. 

Re-implemented uploading attachments in any "rich text" editor

You can now attach files with any rich editor you find. You will find the attached file when you make a community post or for any activity.

Soon, we will incorporate more options in the rich editors and will be incorporating more posting options for ambassadors, especially when it comes to posting in the community. So, stay tuned! 

Fixed the layout for submission activities 

Submission activities have a great new layout. When we first launched this week, there were isssues with spacing and a lot of the directions were visible on the submission interface (for both admins and ambassadors).

We restored the view and now it is user friendly and easier to navigate.

This is what the ambassador will see: 

The title of the activity, how many points it’s worth, and one line of text from the instructions! 

From the admin portal: 

You will see the name of the activity, if you have any pending approvals, and a time stamp for when it was posted. 

Engagement activities will automatically archive after 24 Hours

The point of engagement activities is to get your ambassadors to comment and like on your most recent Instagram post as quickly as possible. 

But, now, we have created a feature where your post will automatically archive from the admins engagement dashboard and the ambassadors view after 24 hours. 

This will leave no confusion for your ambassadors when it comes to liking and commenting after the 24 hours since the post won’t be available, and it will be less work for you. Now, you  won’t have to go in and archive it yourself. 

We can’t wait to bring you more CrewFire features! 

We are hard at work, with our goal to bring you a better, faster, and feature rich software that you can host your ambassador program on! 

We have created a master changelog that outlines all CrewFire updates, bug reporting and changes the software. Head over to our changelog for a longer list of new features! 

We hope you enjoy the new and improved CrewFire! 

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