MANTRA DAO Drives 1,259 Pieces of UGC, 486 Social Media Shares, and 40+ Blog Posts Per Month with CrewFire

Devon Mirsky - Director of PragerFORCE

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MANTRA DAO is a community-governed DeFi platform focusing on Staking, Lending, and Governance.

MANTRA DAO leverages CrewFire to build and mobilize a community of their most passionate "Sherpas" to help raise awareness of the project through actions on social media, user-generated content, YouTube videos, and more.

Their Sherpas can connect and engage with one another in the community, earn points for completing different activities, and trade those tokens for rewards from MANTRA DAO.





Community Posts
per Month


Blog Posts


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Total UGC submissions


Twitter Engagement per Month

Sample Blog Posts

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How CrewFire Works

The Ambassador Experience


Ambassadors can connect and engage with one another in the community.

Customizable Activities
& UGC Campaigns

Mobilize your ambassadors to take ANY action or create UGC in exchange for points.

Share Activities

Reward your ambassadors for sharing suggested content and links on social.

Activity Feed

The team-wide activity feed motivates and inspires your ambassadors to take action.


Rankings leaderboard adds a fun, competitive element to the platform.


Incentivize your ambassadors by adding custom rewards that they can earn in exchange for points.

Admin Dashboard

Build & Foster Your Community

Keep your ambassadors informed & engaged, and give them the chance to connect with one another in your exclusive/private ambassador community.

Manage Activities

Mobilize your ambassadors to take actions through custom activities

Manage Ambassadors

Manage your team with the Ambassador CRM, where you can view their stats, history, points earned. Easily leave notes for other admins and send ambassadors a personal message all within the dashboard.

Manage Rewards

Upload a variety of rewards to incentivize your ambassadors to take action, and monitor and fulfill reward orders for your ambassadors.

What’s Interview with Noah M. (Advisor @ MantraDAO, Partner @ FOMOCRAFT, ex-Wanchain)

Image of Noah, an advisor for the MantraDAO brand ambassador program

What is the value of CrewFire? How would you describe the benefits?

One of the biggest problems for projects with dedicated and enthusiastic communities is harnessing and using that positive energy.

Even if your community loves you and wants to do everything they can to help you succeed, it's challenging to get the community to take any constructive actions as a collective group.

CrewFire offers a framework for organizing and incentivizing community members to take specific actions which benefit the company/project.

It makes it easy to assign, evaluate, and reward tasks, and it lets community members feel like their contributions are noticed and valued by the project.

How to customize formatting for each rich textistory, append notes, and send messages all in the dashboard.

Really ANY concrete action which could benefit from the power of the group. like upvoting on Coingecko / Dextools / Zerion, etc., but amplifying our social media presence is the number one usage for us.

For example, we use CrewFire to amplify tweets on Twitter that we want to see strengthened. So we have our CMs on Twitter looking out for things relating to our project or on a topic in the same realm. Then we ask our ambassadors to comment on it and retweet it.

What types of projects/brands would you recommend using CrewFire? And which wouldn't you recommend?

CrewFire is something I would definitely recommend to any project with a strong community and community managers who need to organize and leverage their community. However, I would be more reluctant to recommend it to a project still forming their community. And if a new project DOES use CrewFire, I would even go as far as forbidding any monetary/token rewards.

For example, the [redacted] community didn't have much of an existing identity and very few solid community members, so when we introduced an ambassador program with paid rewards, it set the wrong tone and attracted people with the wrong motivations

For Wanchain, on the other hand, we already had an excellent ambassador group who had been trying to work together to promote Wanchain. With a bit of financial incentive, and throwing CrewFire into the mix helped to focus them. Still, we were able to weed out most of the bounty hunters.

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