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SM Global Shop Generates $8.8k in Affiliate Sales and 144 Pieces of UGC with CrewFire

With Sooyeon Chi @ SM Global Shop!
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SM Global Shop is the official SM Entertainment fashion merchandise store. The brand carries fashion merchandise from sensational K-pop groups, such as EXO, Super Junior, Girls' Generation, and Red Velvet, just to name a few.

The brand has proudly partnered with Korean Wave's premier leader in SM Entertainment to provide its customers with K-Pop apparel and accessories to spread Korean culture and artists globally.

Their mission is to make it easier for SM Entertainment fans all around the world to purchase authentic beloved artists' goods!

K-pop is popular with fans that span all across the world! People love K-pop artists' extremely catchy rhythm and chorus, the fashion and style, and the overall amazing performance that SM entertainment groups give.

It comes as no surprise that the SM Global Shop brand ambassador program has been a huge hit. It gives the opportunity for fans all around the world to come together and share a love for K-pop, music, and culture.

The Challenge: Generating More Referrals & UGC from Their Customers

SM Global Shop - The Challenge

It wasn't SM Global Shop's first time hosting a brand ambassador program. In fact, the brand has been gaining so much popularity that they invited a small group of customers to be their first group of ambassadors back in early 2020.

But the challenges they faced, in the beginning, were quite universal. They wanted to unlock the potential of their customers (who were already generating UGC for SM Global Shop) and generate more UGC and referrals via their ambassadors.

On top of that, the brand was using several means of communication which lead to a high level of inactive members and overall lacked engagement and a sense of community. They knew that they needed a better system to manage their initial group of ambassadors.

"Our program always had difficulty with bonding and communicating with ambassadors because we had to maintain a  separate community on Facebook Group, and all the notices were scattered into different platforms  (Facebook/E-mail) which lowered the open rate and confusion between members."

Some of SM Global Shops biggest pain points included:

Scaling Up Their Ambassador Program

Scaling Up Their Ambassador Program
"The SMS notification and community feature from CrewFire have changed our program a lot. Our ambassadors now have a unified and huge hall of communication. This helped them to be effectively notified (with a better open rate than E-mail!)"

With a rapidly growing, passionate base of k-pop fans who wanted to work with SM Global Shop, they saw the eminent need to scale up and mobilize by turning their raving fans into their team of brand ambassadors.

"Having a separate community on CrewFire, allows us to communicate with our ambassadors better than before."

Highlights from the SM Global Shop Ambassador Program

In just two short months, the SM Global Shop has hit the ground running, full speed ahead. They have seen rapid growth, amazing UGC, and an impressive number of referrals.

Back in December of 2020, the brand saw their most successful month to date.

With the help of their 141 ambassadors, they generated 144 UGC posts, 50 referrals, and over $5k in affiliate revenue!

That month, the brand saw an 807% ROI. The best part? They just keep getting stronger!

"CrewFire support was always very fast-responsive and helpful so that we can resolve the issue really quickly. Also, they check-in with me regularly. This helped us a lot to see if our program is going well and improve if we had an issue with the program."

Take a look at some of the UGC their ambassadors have created. You can feel the excitement and love for k-pop and SM Global Shop merch in every post!

SM Global Shop UGC

Check out that visibility! 430 likes from just ONE ambassador. 🙌

SM Global Shop's Unique and Engaging Activity Line-Up

SM Global Shop has hosted a wide variety of activities for their ambassadors to participate in and consistently receive tons of amazing content from their ambassadors.

SM Global Shop can take that content and repurpose it on their website or social media channels.

Here is an unboxing YouTube video that received over 18k views!

SM Global Shop Twitter UGC

Here is their ambassadors showing their love for SM Global Shop on Twitter!

And don't forget about the UGC on Instagram!

SM Global Shop Instagram UGC

Product reviews as well! Their ambassadors truly love their prodcuts.

SM Global Shop Store Review
SM Global Shop Store Review 2

How They Reward Their Ambassadors

The SM Global Shop team has created a a variety of rewards for their ambassadors, most of them being merchandise from their shop but also items such as signed merch and concert tickets!

Rewards SM Global Shop 2
Rewards SM Global Shop 2


But the best part? Their ambassadors are passionate about the SM Global Shop brand, k-pop, and they want to create content for the brand!
In just two months, SM Global Shop has seen a 904% ROI, over 144 pieces of UGC, and over $8.8k in affiliate revenue.

"I would really recommend you to go forward with CrewFire if you need a stronger bond with  ambassadors!"

We love to hear it!

If you or someone you know is a k-pop lover and fan of SM Global Shop, don't hesitate to tell them to apply! The brand is actively looking for ambassadors. 🙂

Ready to turn your customers into your army of brand ambassadors? If so, check out CrewFire's epic demo video to see how you can drive more referrals, word-of-mouth, and user-generated content for your Shopify store!

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