Tally Weijl Generated $466k in Referral Sales, 8,000 Pieces of UGC, and 48k Instagram Engagements in 12 Months with CrewFire

Devon Mirsky - Director of PragerFORCE

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Tally Weijl is a European fashion label based out of Basel, Switzerland. They are a global brand, with stores in over 37 countries; they have over 780 stores and employ over 3,400 people.

Founded in 1984 by Tally Elfassi-Weijl and Beat Grüring, Tally has a mission to bring trendy and stylish clothing at an affordable price to teens and young adults in countries across Europe, Aisa, and Africa.

And their customers LOVE their clothing! To say they have a massive following would be an understatement.

The Challenge Tally Weijl Faced

Tally Weijl is a wildly popular fashion brand, and when a brand is operating in 37 different countries, it's easy to assume that its customers are passionate and loyal.

They had a healthy following on social media, with over 1.1 million followers (and counting). Their customers were always anxiously waiting to see what the Tally designers created next.

Tally found that their customers couldn't wait to show their new fits across their social media channels.Tally knew that they were missing out on a chance to streamline their efforts and get all of their customers, across multiple countries, languages, and ages, into one unique and controlled environment and allow them to help the brand grow.

But, with the start of any great idea, the brand faced a few pain points.
  • A multinational customer base that was rapidly growing that they wanted to mobilize
  • Missed opportunity to collect the UGC their customers were making - They wanted one central hub to store the content to repurpose later
  • Thousands of customers asked about a referral code - It was challenging to generate codes and keep the affiliate program organized

What Inspired Their Ambassador Program

Tally realized that their customers were already creating content and tagging them in their content as they scrolled through their social media channels. Their customers were doing this unprovoked and solely making content based on their love for the product.

The Tally team knew they were missing out on the opportunity to mobilize their customers and work alongside their most loyal customer advocates to help propel their next phase of massive growth.

Some key characteristics of Tally that indicated their readiness for an ambassador program:
  • A passionate and cult-like following of customers advocates who were already making user-generated content
  • 1.1 million followers on Instagram
  • High level of engagement on social media channels

Sample Ambassador UGC

How CrewFire Works

The Ambassador Experience


Give your ambassadors the chance to connect and engage with other ambassadors in the community.

Submission/UGC Activities

Mobilize your ambassadors to take custom actions and create content for you in exchange for points.


Arm each of your ambassadors with a unique referral code and reward them a commission for each sale they generate.

Activity Feed

Ambassadors can check out what their fellow ambassadors have been participating in the activity feed.

Team Rankings

The full-team ranking and leaderboard add a fun gamification element for ambassadors and help you track top participants.

Ambassador Profile

Ambassadors can check their history in their profile and see their complete list of completed activities and points earned.

The Admin Experience

Build & Foster Your Community

Keep your ambassadors informed and engaged by providing them the opportunity to connect with you and other ambassadors in your own private community.

Manage Activities

Create custom activities that will mobilize your ambassadors to take an action in exchange for points.

Manage Ambassadors

Manage your team with the Ambassador CRM, where you can view their stats, history, points earned. Easily leave notes for other admins and send ambassadors a personal message all within the dashboard.

View Team Rankings

See which ambassadors have earned the most points or completed the most activities for a given month in the full-team leaderboard. This adds a fun, gamification element to the program.


Tally joined the CrewFire team only 12 months ago, and since then, the team has already generated over 8,000 pieces of UGC, more than $460k in affiliate revenue, and a 3,384% ROI.

The most exciting part of the program is seeing the admiration and passion behind their group of ambassadors. They create beautiful and professional-grade content and are rewarded for doing so.

If you (or someone you know) lives in one of the 37 countries Tally operates and is a major fan of their products, don't hesitate to tell them to apply! The brand is actively looking for ambassadors. 🙂

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