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Make sharing company content fun, engaging, and easy for your micro-influencers.

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CrewFire - A simple tool to get your whole team sharing.

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Don't let your content go to waste.

You invest tons of time, energy, and money into creating great content, products, and services. Don’t let it go to waste.

CrewFire gets your micro-influencers sharing your content, by making sharing fun, engaging, and easy – like a game.

Your micro-influencers get notified whenever you publish new content, and earn points for sharing. You decide what the points are worth, and get detailed reports & stats on every campaign.

How it works.

You suggest content for your micro-influencers to share.

This will drive more traffic, referrals, and word-of-mouth.


Your micro-influencers get notified.

CrewFire makes sharing company content quick, easy, and convenient.

They earn points for sharing.

The rankings page makes participation fun and engaging for your micro-influencers.

You get detailed reports & metrics.

Detailed reports show you # shares, engagement, clicks, reach, and more.

And it really does work.

Influencers Managed
Campaigns Created
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