Case Study: What's possible with CrewFire

Just a couple months after our first release, our early backers have been using CrewFire, and they’re absolutely loving it.

Our friend and CrewFire customer Maria Hartfield, Marketing Director over at Ultimo Presents, has this to say:

I absolutely love Crewfire and how seamless it makes social media marketing via Facebook and Twitter.Before I would have to keep track of my team manually to see how many people actually posted what I requested. Now, with Crewfire, I can simply click on the blast to see how many team members pushed my post.Crewfire is a complete game-changer in an ever evolving market. I would absolutely recommend it!

Aww. Thanks Maria. We love you too! 🙂

But wait… you want numbers, you say?

You got it.

We know a lot of great marketers and hustlers. Of all them, our friend and customer Jeff Kenney, Founder at HTG Events, stands out an insane hustler amongst hustlers.

Together with his team of less than 40 streem team volunteers, Jeff’s been pushing CrewFire to it’s limits and really exploring what’s possible with the app.

His numbers speak for themselves. Here’re his results for October alone:

Total # blasts: 32
Average pushes per blast: 34
Average potential reach per blast: 51822
Average clicks per blast: 12.3
Total potential reach: 1,658,327
Total clicks: 394

total potential reach, and 394 clicks! All with less than 40 supporters! Rock on, Jeff.

Our customers results so far have been amazing to see, and we’d love for you to be one of our next CrewFire success stories.

If you’re ready, you can sign-up for your $1, 2-week trial here: $1 Trial Signup