Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is CrewFire for?
CrewFire is a marketing tool for anyone who wants to increase their reach on Facebook and Twitter, and who can motivate loyal group of supporters to help share their content with them.
What kinds of supporters should I invite to CrewFire?
CrewFire is perfect for getting your audience members, listeners, superfans, employees, friends, or family to share your content on Facebook and Twitter with you.
How do I invite my supporters to join my company on CrewFire?
To invite your supporters, go to the “Recruit” tab, and grab the Signup Form URL. Share that with your supporters – you can send it by email, Facebook, Twitter, put it on your website, or anywhere else your supporters will see it – and when they sign up, they’ll automatically be a part of your company.
How do I create posts for my supporters to share on Facebook and Twitter?
After your supporters have signed up, you can send them content to share on Facebook and Twitter. Click the “New Blast” button, and create posts for them to share. Your posts can include test, links, and images.
What is a “blast”?
A “Blast” is a Tweet or Facebook Post you’ve created for your supporters to share on Twitter on Facebook for all their friends to see. After you send a blast, your supporters get an email inviting them to share the post with one click.

Note: CrewFire will never post a blast to a User’s Facebook or Twitter feed without their permission. The User must approve every post you create for them before CrewFire posts for theme.
What stats can I see about previous blasts?
After you send a blast, you can see different stats depending on if it was a Tweet or a Facebook Post.

For Facebook posts, you can see who shared each post, and the number of Likes, Comments, and Shares each person received on their post.

For Tweets, you can see who shared each post, and the number of Favorites, Retweets, and Replies they received.
How do I incentivize or motivate my supporters to share my posts? What’s in it for them?
Great question! We recommend offering your supporters special rewards or prizes for participating.

You can offer things like discounts, special events, guestlist tickets, free product, and more.

CrewFire lets you see who was the most active, and who recieved the most engagement for each post and across all posts for certain date-ranges. This way, you can reward people accordingly (for example: everyone who shares this post gets a free guest list ticket; or, the top 5 people every week get a free meal.)

For more creative ideas on how to work with your supporters and get the most of CrewFire for your social media, brand ambassador, and street team marketing efforts, check out our Resources page.