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June 2020, Bethesda, MD - In the age of Big Tech, the large social networks are milking us for every last drop.

Organic reach is plummeting. Bids for paid ads are spiraling upwards. The attention, data, money, and power is aggregating to a handful of tech companies and the massive incumbent corporations who can afford to play their game.

In this paradigm, the regular business owner, marketer, or entrepreneur needs to get creative if they want a fighting chance to survive and thrive.

We have to do something different.

But we're not alone in the fight.

Behind each of us is a community of people who believe in us, support us, and want to see us succeed.

They could be our customers, our audience, our fans, our team, or all the above.

Whatever the source, the solution is the simple: empower, mobilize, and reward your community for helping you promote your business, reach more people, and grow.

The idea is simple, but the execution... not so much.

To do it right, it helps to have a platform in place to make the program powerful, effective, and easy.

CrewFire is that platform.

With CrewFire, you are empowered to build and grow a community of brand ambassadors to help you promote your business, reach more people, and grow.

The CrewFire platform includes everything you need to fight back in the age of Big Tech - from building your community, to communication, to marketing campaigns and referral sales, points, payouts, rewards, and more.

The insights that went into building CrewFire were gleaned from over 15 years of direct experience helping brands grow -first as a brand ambassador, then managing brand ambassador programs, and finally building multiple tools and products that have helped over 1,500 brands work with over 500,000 brand ambassadors in the US and around the world.

Through this experience, I’ve witnessed first-hand the power of community-driven growth, and have had the pleasure and privilege of empowering thousands of brands to build and mobilize their own communities to help them reach more customers, promote their content, and grow into amazing businesses.

I’m excited to help you along that journey as well.

Let’s build.

Alan VanToai
Founder & CEO - CrewFire.com

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