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Sharing Gratitude with CrewFire!

We wanted to share a fun little culture exercise we do internally at CrewFire that's helped us breathe some positivity and gratitude into our team! Here is our team spreading gratitude together. ❀

CrewFire in 2021: What's Coming!

CrewFire look so different now than it did at the start of 2020, so we thought it'd be fun to reflect on the previous year at CrewFire give you an overview of what's to come in 2021! πŸŽ‰

The 17 Most Powerful Activities for Brand Ambassadors

Let's dive into the 17 most powerful brand ambassador activities that are sure to spark engagement and get your ambassadors ramped up and ready to help you grow! πŸ”₯

New CrewFire Features: Submission Cap, Password Reset (and more!)

We have some exciting new features we can finally share with you! Here are some highlights of the new features we have implemented in recent weeks. πŸŽ‰

Ambassador Recruitment 101: How to Find the Best Brand Ambassadors

Recruiting quality ambassadors might seem hard, but with time and a strong strategy, you will have tons of high-quality applicants in no time. Here are CrewFire's top 8 recruitment strategies! πŸ“£

Inside CrewFire's Onboarding Process: Our Key to New Customer Success

Today, we want to talk about our onboarding process, how we got to where we are today, the tooling we use, and the lessons we have learned along the way! 🎯

Notifications Sent for Old Activities - Incident on December 9, 2020

On December 9, 2020, the CrewFire app started sending email and SMS notifications for some old activities. Those notifications shouldn't have gone out. Here is an update of what happened.

Brand Ambassadors: 5 Key Secrets for 10x More Growth

An ambassador program is one of the most effective strategies you can use to grow your brand in an extremely genuine way. Check out the top 5 ways brand ambassadors can take your brand to new heights! βœ…

We're Hiring! Director of Sales

Are you a driven and passionate entrepreneurial sales professional? Then join us! As our first sales hire, you'll be stepping onboard and helping steer a rocketship that's taking flight as we speak. πŸš€

We’re One Week In! (New CrewFire Platform Update)

Phew! We launched our new platform on Monday and it has been a week! Here is a bit more of an in-depth explanation of the changes that have come from CrewFire over this past week. πŸ’₯