15 Advanced Twitter Growth Hack: How to See More Engagement and Generate Buzz About Your Brand

Alan VanToai

April 15, 2021

Twitter has the potential to be an extremely lucrative and powerful platform. Brands and individuals alike can grow their following and become thought leaders in their respected industries.

Although Twitter is a powerhouse social media platform, most people aren't utilizing it to its full potential.

With over 187 million users and an average of 500 million Tweets sent each day, you have a golden opportunity to unlock new growth and share your insights all on Twitter.

But, if you aren't utilizing all of Twitter's Advanced Search features, you will only be able to tap into a small portion of this massive platform.

So today, we present to you 15 advanced Twitter hacks to get your content into the hands of the people who will value it the most.

Let's hop into it!

How to Find Twitter Advanced Search

Before we hop into it, let's first talk about the major key component needed to hack Twitter - the Advanced Search feature.

There are a few ways you can search for important information on Twitter:

The Search Bar (right-hand corner)

The Explore Page

Advanced Search (on web app)

1. Find Your Most Popular Tweets

Similar to the above example, you can find your most popular Tweets. Simply repeat what you typed into the search bar, but with your username and the number of Retweets you want to populate

For example: VanToai Min_retweets:10

2. Find Tweets on a Particular Subject

Curious about a certain topic from one of your favorite accounts? Then search it on Twitter!

All you have to do is:

Type the handle in the search bar, then a keyword in quote marks.


billyeichner 'billy on the streets'

And you will find a list of Tweets either from the account or from people @ing the person.

If you want to find the most popular Tweets with the keyword, just add the min_faves:(x)

Change the handle and keyword as you see fit. 🙂

3. Easily Get an Account to Unfollow You

There are a lot of people on Twitter that we don't want to follow us. But sometimes, blocking someone can cause a little bit of drama.

If you want to make sure these accounts aren't following you, just do the following:

First, block them and then unblock them.

Blocking them will automatically have them unfollow you. And your secret will be safe!

4. Best Practice for Adding Links to a Tweet

Twitter wants to keep users on the app, just like most social media platforms. But Twitter is also an excellent platform for sharing links, such as blog posts, newsletters, or other helpful content from external websites.

The downside? Twitter penalizes Tweets that contain links to content on external websites.

So, if you want to get more eyes on your content and not get a penalty from Twitter, all you have to do is write a Tweet to generate buzz about your content, and then reply to that Tweet with the link to the external website.

Boom, you're ready to go.

5. How to Resurface an Old Tweet

We all have those Tweets that absolutely crushed it. A Tweet that had massive engagement, and you are looking to recreate that engagement.

Then simply resurface that Tweet! You don't need to Retweet it to reach that same level of engagement.

Here's a hack to get your Tweet to resurface: reply to the Tweet.

Super simple, right? All you have to do is reply with a question, additional information, or an anecdote and it will show back up on the timeline. 

The Tweet will be resurrected from the Twitter abyss and it will show the two most recent replies, which will lead to more engagement and conversation.

6. Stop Getting Notifications from Being Mentioned in a Tweet

Do you ever create a Tweet and then see that you're receiving a high volume of replies?

Maybe, dare I say, too many replies? Now you're swimming in notifications and it's a complete mess.

Well, you can stop those excessive notifications from coming in!

Here's what you do:

Expand the details of the Tweet, then click the three dots in the right-hand corner.

Then, simply click "mute this conversation" and bingo! No more notifications. Check them on your own time.

7. Explore Multiple Interests

If you're like me, you probably have several things that spark your interest on Twitter. Did you know that you can search multiple interests on Twitter?

Here's how it works:

Create different lists on Twitter for each of your interests. Once you're done, simply pin them to the top of your timeline. Once they are pinned, you can easily swipe between each item and check out the content on each list.

In my opinion, this leads to a more pleasant Twitter experience.

8. Find Your Favorite Account's Best Tweets

Like me, you probably have your fair share of favorite people on Twitter.

And maybe you want to find out what their best Tweets are. Instead of scrolling through their history, you can easily search someone's best Tweets.

Here's how you do it:

In the search bar, type:

User name min_faves: (x) 

For example:

Netflix min_faves:500

You can replace the handle and the number of likes with whatever values you would like!

9. How to Start a Tweet for Maximum Visibility 

Did you know that if you start a Tweet by @ing someone, then Twitter will automatically assume it's a reply and not a thread, thus hiding it from your followers?

So all that time you spend on your thread will go to waste and your visibility will be limited.

So instead, tag them in the body of the post instead of at the start to avoid this. 

Or, write your post, then comment under it with another anecdote and tag the account. 

10. Utilize Twitter's 'Save Search' Feature

Did you know that Twitter allows each account to save up to 25 searches?

If you are monitoring conversations, content, and keywords that are relevant to your brand, or you simply want to monitor your own mentions, then save those searches for easy access.

Here's how: If you want to save a search, click > more options, located at the top of your results page, then > save this search.

You will be able to revisit your search at a later time.

11. Search for the Most Popular Tweets about a Topic

Want to see what people are saying about a specific topic or brand? Then all you have to do is type in the search bar the website, username, topic, etc. and the value, min_retweet:(x)

For example:

hulu.com min_retweets:30

12. Find Content Ideas AND Great Content

Need inspiration or to see what the competition is writing about? Then find it on Twitter!

You can use Twitter's Advanced Search to find topics and see what other people are writing about in your industry.

All you have to do is type the keyword(s) into the 'All of these words' box and search to see what populates. 

And here are the results:

13. Find Who Has Mentioned You in a Tweet

Want to see who has their eyes on your brand?

You can use Advanced Search and type in any way a person could mention your brand. Check out our search for CrewFire below.

This will allow you to keep tabs on who is talking about you and engage with them!

14. Find Happy & Unhappy Customers

Have you ever been curious if your happy (or unhappy) customers are talking about you on Twitter? With Advanced Search, you can see exactly what customers are saying about your brand!

Our customers often help shape our roadmap and can provide valuable insight into how we can strengthen our product, but we might not get the full scoop from them.

If that happens, utilize Twitter!

Here's an example:

In 'All of these words' type your website or username, and then words such as 'happy' 'satisfied' or 'dissatisfied to name a few, and all of the Tweets that include your brand name and these keywords will show up!

Emojis work as well.

You can also take it a step further and add in a specific phrase that you want Twitter to search. For example, if you want to see Tweets that include 'I love' and your brand name, you can filter for that too.

15. Filter Out the Competition

Do you want to see what potential customers or figures in your industry are saying, but you want to filter out your direct competition?

Well, Advanced Search can do just that.

Here's how:

Simply add the username and the competition URL to the 'None of these words' field, fill in the rest of the values, and complete your search!


Which Advanced Twitter hack is your favorite? Let us know how you utilize Twitter for growth!

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