4 Things Every Brand Ambassador Recruitment Page Needs - How To Recruit Brand Ambassadors

Alan VanToai

October 12, 2020

Helping run successful brand ambassador programs means that we have seen tons of landing pages. Knowing that, that we have narrowed down the process of creating high-converting brand ambassador program landing pages to a science! 

And we want to share our knowledge with you!

Your landing page will be the first introduction potential ambassadors will have into your program, so it’s crucial to make it engaging and get your audience excited about working alongside you! 

But not all landing pages are created equal. So, that is why today we want to get you supercharged and ready to recruit your army of ambassadors by walking you through the 4 essential elements that every successful brand ambassador program landing page needs to incorporate! 

We will be covering the four elements that each landing page needs to be an instant success. These elements include:

  • Benefits
  • Role & Responsibility 
  • Who they are (your target ambassador) 
  • An eye-catching CTA

Let’s get into it! 

Part one: The Benefits

The first section you need to cover when creating your program landing page will be all about the benefits your ambassadors will receive when joining the team!

When writing your program benefits, it’s super important to consider your ambassadors and put yourself in their shoes. Ask yourself what benefits would get them excited and motivated to become your ambassador? 

A common mistake brands make when listing the benefits is only talking about themselves instead of talking to their target audience of ambassadors. By focusing on what will excite your audience will help you make a program that is irresistible to them! 

Common brand ambassador benefits you could touch on in this section includes:

  • Points and rewards
  • Referral commissions 
  • Product discounts
  • Free products
  • Special offers
  • Free shipping

These are the obvious benefits that an ambassador will likely expect when signing up for an ambassador program.

But, we encourage your brand to take this one step further and talk about the value your ambassadors will receive once they are part of your brand’s team.

What we mean is establishing the non-monetary value your ambassadors will gain when they join your program and work alongside you. Speak to them about the potential influence they would have on their favorite brand! 

Get creative with these benefits and remember that the non-monetary value they will gain will last much longer than the monetary rewards (although, those are great too!) 

Value benefit ideas that you could include:

  • Being invited into a community of like-minded people
  • Finding your tribe
  • Recognition from the brand
  • The ability to influence product decisions
  • Career advancement 
  • Learning opportunities

Career advancement is such a great benefit to incorporate into your landing page! 

We have seen tons of cases where an ambassador has worked alongside their favorite brand, gotten name recognition from the brand’s team, and when they saw a job opening at the brand, they applied and got the job!

Wouldn’t you want to hire someone that you knew loved and supported your brand? How much more highly would you think of an applicant if you saw that an applicant had all of the necessary qualities for the job PLUS they were your ambassador?! 

This is a chance to promote your program as a chance for ambassadors to connect, win, grow, and stand out if they join the program, so don’t be shy and let them know all of the amazing benefits they can reap if they join your program! 

Part Two: The Role & Responsibility 

In this section, you really want to drill down what being an ambassador means for your brand.

Does being an ambassador mean attending events, posting content on social media, sharing a coupon code, or writing a blog idea? You need to give them an idea of what they signed up for and be super transparent. 

The last thing an ambassador wants is to join a program and then have tons of surprise activities to do that are outside their scope! This could lead to poor ambassador health and a dip in engagement along the way.

Take a peek at how Jimmy! Bars laid out their expectations for their ambassadors in a clear and clean format. No questions here! 

Part Three: Personas, Define Your Target Ambassadors

This is time to call your audience out! You can treat this section as a vetting process to ensure that the people who apply for your ambassador program will be aligned with your brand and help push your brand to new heights! 

Who are your ideal ambassadors? Include questions that will help you narrow down your search and make potential ambassadors self-select whether they would be a good fit for the program or not. 

Do you require any previous experience, a set amount of social media followers, or a specific age range? Define it and list it out!

Creating this type of criteria will help you receive high-quality ambassador applicants. The more specific you are, the deeper you will resonate with your target ambassadors. 

Example copy could be:

“Are you an energetic, experienced social media curator with an eye for fashion and a love for (inset brand)? Then we want YOU to join our ambassador program!” 

Make this section on-brand, and don’t forget to mention your brand’s values to ensure that you and your target ambassadors share the same values and mindset. 

Part Four: A Strong CTA

The last and most important piece of a successful brand ambassador landing page is an eye-catching CTA! This will be where your future ambassadors take the next step and sign up for the program.

You can link to your sign up form or embed your sign up form by simply copying and pasting your unique sign up link listed inside the CrewFire app. 

A best practice is to put your CTA after each section. You want to give your landing page visitors ample opportunity to convert to ambassadors. 

Hopefully, by the third CTA they see they will be ready to take the next step and apply to your ambassador program! 🥳

Landing Page Advice

When building your landing page, you really want your brand to resonate with your target ambassadors in each section. This is the time to get your community of people who already love your brand to take the next step to work directly with your team! 

Some of our best pieces of advice that you can apply to all sections of your ambassador program landing page are:

  • Keep it highly visual with tons of images and graphics.
  • Include a recruiting video! 
  • Convey your excitement and be energetic in your copy.
  • Keep it clean and make sure your brand is well represented throughout. 

If you are hungry for more examples of successful brand ambassador landing pages, check out some of the following examples! 

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