4 Things To Think about When Hiring Brand Ambassadors

Alan VanToai

May 11, 2022

Successful ambassador programs always start with hiring brand ambassadors. Creating an engaging and powerful landing page is the most surefire way of finding exemplary ambassadors to join your program.

And since we have helped hundreds of brands define their ambassador strategy and run successful brand ambassador programs, we have seen our fair share of landing pages.

But not all landing pages are high-performing recruiting magnets.

So, we have narrowed down the process of creating high-converting ambassador program landing pages to a science, and we want to share our knowledge with you.

Your landing page will be the first introduction potential ambassadors will have to your program, so it's crucial to make it engaging and get your audience excited about working alongside you!

Not all landing pages are created equal. So, today we want to get you supercharged and ready to recruit your army of ambassadors by walking you through the four essential elements that every successful brand ambassador program landing page needs to incorporate.

We will be covering the four elements that each landing page needs to be an instant success. These elements include:

  • The benefits of the brand ambassador program
  • The role and responsibility of the brand ambassador
  • A description of your ideal brand ambassador
  • An eye-catching CTA (the most powerful tool to convert more ambassadors!)

Let's get into it.

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Part One: Describe The Benefits of the Brand Ambassador Program

The first section you need to cover when creating your program landing page will be about your ambassadors' benefits when joining the team.

When writing your program benefits, it's super important to consider your ambassadors and put yourself in their shoes. Ask yourself what benefits would get them excited and motivated to join your ambassador program?

A common mistake brands make when listing the benefits is only talking about themselves instead of talking to their target audience of ambassadors. Focusing on what will excite your audience will help you make a program that is irresistible to them!

Common Brand Ambassador Program Benefits

A few of the most common benefits your program could offer to potential ambassadors include:

  • Points and rewards for promoting your products
  • Commission for affiliate marketing
  • Product discounts
  • Free products or the chance to try new products
  • Special offers and discount codes
  • Lifetime free shipping
  • Early access to sales

These are the obvious benefits that will pique the interest of a potential ambassador and will aid you in your brand ambassador recruitment strategy. Hiring brand ambassadors is the first step to any successful program, so make it count from day one.

When creating your landing page, we encourage your brand to talk about the value your ambassadors will receive once they are part of your team.

Establish non-monetary value-based rewards and program perks that your potential applicants can earn if they signup for your ambassador program and work alongside you. Speak to them about the potential influence they would have on their favorite brand.

Get creative with these benefits and define them so that when potential ambassadors find your landing page, it will be easier to convert them.

A healthy mix of non-monetary and monetary value-based rewards and perks will help you attract potential ambassadors, reach your target audience, and increase awareness of your program.

Defining your monetary and non-monetary program benefits early on will position you to create long-term relationships and better promote your program.

Value-Based Benefits to Include on Your Landing Page

Here are a few popular ideas you could include on your landing page when defining the value-based benefits of your program:

  • Being invited into a community of like-minded people
  • Recognition from the brand on social media, website, or within the ambassador community
  • The ability to influence product decisions and brand image
  • Career advancement (many brands hire directly from their community of ambassadors)
  • Learning opportunities
  • Exclusive access to recruiting, networking, and promotional events
  • The chance to increase the ambassador's social presence (this is great for influencers of all sizes)

Career advancement is such a great benefit to incorporate into your landing page.

We have seen tons of cases where an ambassador has worked alongside their favorite brand, gotten name recognition from the brand's team, and applied and got the job when they saw a job opening.

Wouldn't you want to hire someone you knew loved and supported your brand? How much more highly would you think of an applicant if you saw that an applicant had all of the necessary qualities for the job PLUS they were your ambassador?!

You can promote your program as a chance for ambassadors to connect, earn more, grow, and potentially become a member of your team if they join the program. So don't be shy and let them know all the excellent benefits they can reap if they join your program.

Part Two: Writing Your Brand Ambassador Job Description

In the second part of your ambassador program landing page, you will want to outline the roles and responsibilities of a potential ambassador.

Does being an ambassador mean attending events, posting content on social media, sharing a coupon code, or writing blog content? Then make that clear as you write the copy for your landing page.

Your landing page is an essential tool for hiring brand ambassadors. Landing pages need to be upfront about all of the program's expectations, so everything is laid out plainly, and there is no guessing about expectations from the ambassador.

Give potential ambassadors an idea of what they are signing up for and be super transparent. This will help you with hiring brand ambassadors that will be committed long-term and help host a wildly successful program.

The last thing an ambassador wants is to join a program and then have tons of surprise activities to do that are outside their scope. This could lead to poor ambassador health and a dip in engagement.

Creating a solid description of the brand ambassador program that encompasses all aspects of the program will be a breeze, hiring brand ambassadors that will be a good fit for the program!

Take a peek at how Jimmy! Bars laid out their expectations for their ambassadors in a clear and clean format.

Questions to Consider Answering on Your Landing Page

Potential ambassadors will likely have a few questions about the program related to perks, benefits, roles, and responsibilities, so answering some FAQs is advised when creating your landing page.

A few example questions you could answer include:

  • Do your ambassadors get paid? What does compensation look like for an ambassador
  • How much time should the ambassador allocate weekly for the program
  • How often is commission paid out?
  • How big is the team?
  • Do they need to have any experience in social media, marketing, or affiliate marketing?
  • Do they need to have a minimum number of followers?

Any questions that ambassadors could have about the program should be answered on the landing page. You don't necessarily need to answer every question, but the most important ones will help potential customers and ambassadors decide if they want to join the program.

Part Three: Define Your Target Ambassador

This is the time to define your target audience of ambassadors to ensure your applicants are high-quality and ready to grow alongside you!

You can treat this section as a vetting process to ensure that the people who apply for your ambassador program will be aligned with your brand and help push your brand to new heights.

Who are your ideal ambassadors?

This question is essential to include on your landing page. It's important to remember that the average customer might not be the best fit for your ambassador program. You want to look for brand advocates, people who are willing to go the extra mile to promote your brand both on social media and offline.

Include questions that will help you narrow down your search and make potential ambassadors self-select whether they would be a good fit for the program.

Do you require any previous experience, a set amount of social media followers, or a specific age range? Then, be sure to include that in this section of your landing page.

Creating this type of criteria will help you receive high-quality ambassador applicants. In addition, the more specific you are, the deeper you will resonate with your target ambassadors.

Example copy could be:

"Are you an energetic, experienced social media curator with an eye for fashion and a love for (inset brand)? Then we want YOU to join our ambassador program!"

Make this section on-brand, and don't forget to mention your brand's values to ensure that you and your target ambassadors share the same values and mindset.

This section will help you with hiring brand ambassadors, sell the program to all of your loyal customers, and turn them into your community of thriving ambassadors.

The Leze the Label ambassador landing page outlines who would fall into the category of an ambassador and describes the program's benefits.

Part Four: Include a Strong CTA

The last and most important piece of a successful brand ambassador landing page is an eye-catching call-to-action (CTA). This will be where your future ambassadors take the next step and sign up for the program.

You can link to your signup form or embed it by simply copying and pasting your unique signup link listed inside your CrewFire account.

A best practice is to put a CTA in each section. You want to give your landing page visitors ample opportunity to convert to ambassadors.

Hopefully, by the third CTA, they will see they will be ready to take the next step and apply to your ambassador program.

On the Love Wellness landing page, they added several CTAs to help encourage potential ambassadors to apply to their program!

Ambassador Landing Page Best Practices

When building your landing page, you want your brand to resonate with your target ambassadors in each section. This is the time to get your community of people who already love your brand to take the next step to work directly with your team!

Some of our best pieces of advice that you can apply to all sections of your ambassador program landing page are:

  • Keep it highly visual with tons of images and graphics from the program
  • Include a recruiting video
  • Convey your excitement and be energetic in your copy
  • Keep it clean and make sure your brand is well represented throughout
  • Answer all potential questions that could come in from applicants
  • Create an offer that excites them and converts
  • Highlight the successes of your program to show ambassadors what they could be joining if they apply
  • Be open, transparent, and genuine about all that the program entails!

Hiring brand ambassadors can seem like one of the biggest hurdles brands that are new to ambassador marketing face, but if you follow the tips above, you will create a landing page that essentially recruits itself!

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