What Is Customer Journey Marketing? Industry Insight with Will Evans

Alan VanToai

June 4, 2021

This week, we sat down with Will Evans, the co-founder of FlowCandy. We had an in-depth conversation about customer journey marketing.

Will is an email marketing and flows expert, holding over 7 years of experience. Will and his team have helped eCommerce brands of all sizes harness the power of email, SMS, and website flows to see a massive increase in revenue (we're talking an average of 20%)! 

During the interview, we discussed:

  • What is customer journey marketing
  • The type of returns customers see from flows, email, and SMS marketing
  • Customer journey marketing trends 
  • What the future will look like for eCommerce marketing

So let's dive into our conversation with Will.

If you're interested in learning more, head over to FlowCandy to get the full scoop!

What Is FlowCandy?

FlowCandy specializes in customer journey marketing for eCommerce brands. This means they help eCommerce brand optimize their email, SMS, funnels, upsells, website flows, and more.

FlowCandy has flipped the script of traditional email marketing agencies.

They took the traditional agency model and digitalize it. They take services, such as pop-ups, post-purchases, unbundled, and customers can purchase them ad hoc.

FlowCandy offers its customers the chance to pick the automation or campaign types that work best for them. DTC brands can choose from a large menu of options, with services including:

  • Abandoned checkout flow
  • Abandoned cart flow
  • Browse abandonment flow
  • Post-purchase flow

With FlowCandy, brands can hyperfocus on the flows that will be most beneficial for them to generate more sales and increase conversions. 

FlowCandy has 35 employees spread across the world and over 60 active clients.

What Is Customer Journey Marketing?

Customer journey marketing, also known as customer segmentation, or owned media, is the process of optimizing for potential customers that land on your website (via SEO, paid traffic, or organic traffic,) by employing the right tools to elevate that traffic and nurture each visitor until they become a paying customer.

FlowCandy does this through upsells, down sales, SMS, and email, with email being their most successful tool for converting site visitors into happy customers.

What Tools Does FlowCandy Employ?

The FlowCandy team mostly works with Klaviyo as they have control over SMS, email, and popups.

But, Will and the team also make it a point to stay up-to-date with new tools that are popular with eCommerce brands. FlowCandy also works with several new SMS apps, such as Attentive, SMS BomberPostscript, and Emotive.

FlowCandy's goal is to be fully fluent in tools popular amongst their ideal customers so that they can offer better services to a wider audince.

FlowCandy also works with various upselling apps, such as One Click UpsellCartHook, and Rebuy.

While it might seem like a lot of tools to juggle all at once, Will said that it's a necessity to stay on top of the everchanging eCommerce industry.

As many eCommerce brands are unbundling and choosing a decentralized route (essentially, stepping away from Shopify, Amazon, and other big entities), FlowCandy needs to stay sharp on top trends and tools that are popular in the industry.

What Kind of Customers Does FlowCandy Work With?

Will said that the customers that see the biggest ROI are the ones that do a minimum of $30k/month in revenue. FlowCandy has worked with brands that earn under that threshold but said that it takes a bit longer to break even and see an ROI on their investment, likely due to the amount of website traffic the brand receives.

Most of their clients are doing around $100k/month. But FlowCandy can be utilized by businesses of any size. The team works with some clients that are on Shopify Plus and do around a million per month.

Their biggest client does $100 million in sales per year.

What Are FlowCandy's Most Popular Services?

FlowCandy's most popular service is email marketing using Klaviyo. Will said that every store needs a solid email marketing plan, no matter the size.

Email marketing is extremely lucrative, and most FlowCandy clients see their highest conversion rates from email, with clients seeing conversion rates of over %10, which is huge for email marketing. 

Most brands will come to FlowCandy for standard automation optimization flows, such as welcome flows, abandoned browser flows, abandoned cart flows, new subscriber welcome, post-purchase nurture, and broadcast newsletter.

The industry does play a role in the tactics FlowCandy will use for a specific campaign. Clients in fashion will need different flows and nurturing than brands in Nutra or CBD.

What's the Price Range for FlowCandy Services?

Most FlowCandy customers select retention packages, which include 3-4 flat flows for $1000.

Will says that this is the best deal seeings as a single flow could cost $500 ad hoc.

Brands can start at $1000 per month for a standard bundle, and prices could reach up to $3000-$4000 per month. The more a brand pays will ultimately reflect how much communication, reporting, design, and handholding will be involved.

Brands that pay in the $3000-$4000 rates will get real-time communication in Slack, more reporting, and access to designers and copywriters.

With elevated customer design and customer copy, FlowCandy will have the team create something unique for the brand in Figma or sketch, putting it into HTML then into Klaviyo.

What Kind of Returns Are Brands Seeing?

The ROI that brands see from FlowCandy services varies by how much traffic a brand's site gets. It's not a 100% deciding factor, but it does make an impact.

But, Will did say that whatever revenue you are making, if FlowCandy fully manages the campaign, they can (and will) grow that by 20%.

The highest increase in revenue a brand has ever seen from email marketing was 67%!

One guy sells weed in Canada, he is making over $100,000 a month from email with a $1000 monthly investment.

So basically, FlowCandy sees results.

What Flows Do these Customers Implement?

The cannabis brand in Canada, for example, was able to do $100k/month using FlowCandy by implementing a lot of heavy campaign management.

Additionally, the traffic that flows to this site is highly relative and attached to the brand. The brand has been able to solve a clear pain point that their prospects have.

The brand that was able to achieve a 67% bump in revenue did the same method. With the help of FlowCandy, they implemented strong campaign management and were able to bump their revenue exponentially.

This brand also offers a subscription, and subscription services do unlock more types of flows that brands can implement.

For this specific brand, FlowCandy used subscription flows, lots of nurturing, reactivation flows, and flows to get previously churned customers to reorder.

Are Flows Time-Bound or Evergreen?

Will said that FlowCandy services are evergreen. The team found that a lot of brands want to keep them on retainer, especially after seeing the increase in revenue the flows are generating after the first 2-3 months.

Most brands have FlowCandy on retainer so that they can help manage the revenue their seeing from their campaigns.

Founders and small, busy teams don't have time to manage each newsletter or email blast, and if email blasts are generating 20%-30% of revenue, then it needs to be taken seriously.

And that's where FlowCandy comes in.

For bigger stores that already have an in-house team of designers and copywriters, FlowCandy will help with strategy and implementation.

But for smaller brands with less bandwidth, will typically utilize the FlowCandy team to its full extend.

But regardless of the size of the team, implementing flows and campaigns from FlowCandy are long-term solutions to convert more leads to customers and boost sales.

How Long Has Will Been Working in eCommerce Marketing? 

Will has been working in eCommerce since college and has been in eCommerce marketing with an emphasis on seller flows and email since 2015.

He has experience working as a DTC eCommerce brand and on the agency side.

After college, he built his online store and got into Amazon selling. Once that started to taper off, he found that he enjoyed working as a consultant for other DTC eCommerce brands, helping them maximize their return using Klaviyo.

From there, he ventured into starting FlowCandy and the rest is history!

What Are Some Current Trends in Customer Journey Marketing?

The reason why FlowCandy has such a high success rate is that they are constantly staying up-to-date with the latest eCommerce marketing trends.

Knowing this, Will gave us some insight into trends that are currently taking over customer journey marketing.

Here's what he said:

SMS Is the Newest, Biggest Trend

For some stores, SMS is outperforming email. Some brands are seeing 10%-15% conversion from SMS and 10% from email. The highest converter overall is still email,  but SMS is a serious powerhouse in owned media.

Unbundling of the Tech Stack & Decentralization Is on the Rise 

Many brands are pigeonholed in Shopify, and now there is a big push for brands to own their whole process.

For example: If a brand is not on Shopify Plus, they can't put custom JavaScript to their checkout, which limited the checkout experience. Brands are pushing for decentralization away from these large entities so that they can own every aspect of the shopping journey.

The iOS 14 Update Will Create Friction

This update is essentially built to limit cookie tracking. Apple going to introduce limited access for cooking for tracking behavior, and cookies are essential for targeted ads on Google and Facebook.

Many brands are trying to find workarounds and strategize on how to gain important buyer information to properly optimize campaigns and flows, so FlowCandy is eagerly watching this update to modify any of their flows or campaigns.

What Are the Biggest Mistakes Brands Make when Implementing Flows?

The biggest mistake the FlowCandy team sees is that brands don't know what they're getting into. With Klaviyo, especially, there is a lot of initial logic to set up and if it isn't applied correctly, it can ruin a flow.

The logic is the foundation, and if one part of the logic is off, the whole automation will be off.

The FlowCandy team spends a lot of time troubleshooting errors with logic. The biggest mistakes brands make are that they don't set up flows correctly or they cut corners and they don't test or QA and then their automation doesn't yield as powerful of results. 

What's In Store for the Future - in the Industry and at FlowCandy

There is going to be a big push for decentralization. Currently, there are only a few companies that hold too much power and control. Companies like Amazon, Shopify, and Facebook hold all of the power, but if something goes wrong on their end, it can negatively affect an eCommerce brand. 

There is too much power and companies have big control, so early adopters are embracing decentralization of eCommerce.

More people getting into entrepreneurship, and FlowCandy will be there to help them grow.

Learn More about FlowCandy

You can learn more about FlowCandy and the services/flows they offer by heading to www.flowcandy.com

Or, you can reach out to Will directly at: will@flowcandy.com

Check out their case studies to get a better idea of how FlowCandy can help your eCommerce brand grow!

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