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Alan VanToai

October 14, 2022

Fitness apparel brands are always looking for the best way to grow their business and community. As a result, many brands are searching for high-quality fitness brand ambassadors to join their teams.

The fitness industry is vast. Both big and small brands are looking for ways to promote themselves and their apparel to the masses on social media and in real life.

And with the rise of influencers and wellness/fitness content creators, many people on social media are repping their favorite fitness apparel brand, creating fitness content in said apparel, and earning money simultaneously!

Joining a fitness brand ambassador program means more than simply posting pictures of overpriced premium fitness apparel on social media. In reality, ambassador programs can offer athletes and fitness content creators the chance to join a community of gym and workout enthusiasts that all share the love of exercise and high-quality workout wear.

So what's the secret for fitness brands to see tremendous growth? Starting an ambassador program and finding fitness brand ambassadors to join the team!

In this article, we will discuss what fitness ambassadors are, what benefits they get when joining a program, and mention a few brands actively looking for ambassadors!

Let's hop into it! 💪

What Does a Fitness Brand Ambassador Do?

We will get to this a bit later, but a fitness influencer will essentially go on social media and hype up their favorite fitness brand. Think of Gym Shark, LuluLemon, or the Four Athletics ambassador program; these brands are all great examples of successful ambassador programs.

The company takes pride in its brand ambassador program and community and in selling premium fitness apparel.

Many top fitness brands are actively seeking brand ambassadors to join their teams.

Ambassadors will get daily or weekly activities to complete. These activities can vary weekly, but they all center around creating unique and engaging content for the brand, pushing affiliate sales and showing how the brand's apparel functions in real-time (aka, how the clothing holds up during your workout).

You will get rewards for participating in the program, in either point, cash, free merch, or a combination of all three!

What Are Gym Clothing Brand Ambassadors?

If you're on social media and are into fitness and wellness, you have likely come across a gym clothing brand ambassador.

Gym clothing ambassadors post social media photos of them doing workouts, typically in their favorite gym apparel clothing.

Gym clothing brand ambassadors will generally post various types of content on social media, including:

  • What I eat in a day
  • Weekly workout split
  • Explainer videos
  • Try on hauls with their new fitness apparel
  • Fitness inspirational content such as their fitness journey
  • Before and after progress photos
  • Daily workouts or personal training videos

Many brand ambassadors have also sponsored athletes for the fitness apparel brands they work for. This means they will make content around their niche - typically fitness and wellness - and will dress in the apparel for the brand as they work out.

These ambassadors can receive a commission for sales.

What Are Fitness Ambassadors?

Fitness ambassadors are anyone that creates fitness content on social media. For example, many fitness ambassadors create content for a brand that showcases them working out and wearing the gym clothing and accessories from a brand.

  • Fitness instructors
  • Sponsored athletes
  • Fitness enthusiasts
  • Fitness clothing models
  • Fitness influencers
  • Nutritionists
  • Bodybuilders

Plus, many more! You might post content on popular fashion trends and could still contact you and ask to collab. If you are passionate about wellness, fitness, and fashion and are creative on social media, there will be space for you on an ambassador program!

Benefits of Being a Fitness Brand Ambassador

Being a fitness brand ambassador can be a pretty sweet gig. You can benefit greatly from joining a program and working with your favorite brand.

Some benefits include:

  • Deep discounts on products
  • Exclusive invitations to special events hosted by the brands
  • The chance to model or get access to an entire collection from the brand
  • Brand deals (sometimes between three to six figures for posting content)
  • The opportunity to model for your favorite brand
  • Free products, early access to a new collection, or free clothing

Each brand is different, and they will structure their program in the best way for them. But overall, most brands want to reward their athletes for participating in the program, which will mean you will have access to some awesome perks!

What Do Fitness Brand ambassadors Do?

Some might think a fitness brand ambassador is just an affiliate who shares their discount code and wears premium fitness apparel.

There is a misconception that ambassador programs are just people simply promoting a brand without really caring about the quality of the products.

But it is so much more than that!

Many brand ambassadors help promote the company's vision and help the company grow. Fitness apparel brand ambassadors will be an extension of the brand and represent the brand both on social media and off.

Here are a few things brand ambassadors do

  • Create content on various social media platforms using the brand's clothing lines
  • Sharing a unique discount code or coupon code to drive affiliate sales
  • Spread the word about your favorite brand in creative ways - such as reels or lives

How Do You Become a Fitness Brand Ambassador?

Finding fitness brands to work with might seem complicated, but it's much easier than you think!

Most fitness brands will look for people to join their teams that align with their values. Most fitness brand ambassadors are passionate about fitness, exercise, wellness, and healthy lifestyles.

Many fitness brands will look for people who are dedicated to their craft and post relatable and helpful content.

There is so much information about fitness and health, and many popular fitness brands will look for knowledgeable people who will best represent their brand.

For example, Vitae Apparel is a brand that sells high-quality fitness apparel, but they also grow a community around a few key things the company stands by. For example, they are proponents of mental health, body positivity, and growing a thriving community of health and wellness.

If you want to know how to become an ambassador for a fitness brand, you can check out the brand's website to see if they have an ambassador section.

Typically, the brand will say if they have an ambassador program on their website and will detail how to apply to the program.

Additionally, you can check out the brand's Instagram and see who they partner with. Check out their tagged photos to see if you can find ambassadors and influencers creating content for the brand. This can help show you if they have a program you can apply to!

Not every fitness brand will have an ambassador program, but many of them do and are looking for incredible people (like you) to join!

Do Brand Ambassadors Pay for Gym Clothes?

It's no secret that sponsored athletes earn good money and typically get free gym wear from their sponsors.

But what about brand ambassadors? Do they get free gym wear?

This is probably one of the most asked questions of athletes that want to join an ambassador program for their favorite gym clothing brand.

Getting free clothes will depend on the brand and how they have set up their program. Some brands will gift free clothing to their athletes, while others will provide different rewards in exchange for participation in the program.

But most brands will give athletes a lifetime discount on their products, which means you could get premium fitness apparel at a reasonable price.

Most other ambassador programs have the same structure.

There are many fitness ambassador programs out there that offer their team amazing perks and benefits for joining the program. Some include free clothing, but some give much more than that.

Many elite athletes can earn a full-time income working with top fitness brands. Fitness influencers are trendy on social media.

But even if you are a sponsored athlete, fitness enthusiasts can still gain a large following and apply to a fitness ambassador program.

Many fitness apparel brands want to work with ambassadors to grow a community of like-minded people. The fitness community is huge, and many brands in the fitness industry know that growing a community around their brand is so powerful.

So if you love fitness clothing and are passionate about working out, it's time to apply to work with your favorite fitness apparel brand.

What Are Some Gym Clothing Brands Looking for Ambassadors?

What are the best brand ambassador programs for athletes? Many top fitness brands are looking for fitness brand ambassadors to join their teams.

If you are an athlete looking to join an ambassador program and partner with a high-quality gym clothing brand, there are quite a few brands you can look to partner with:


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