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Alan VanToai

October 17, 2022

Do you post photos of your favorite brand's clothing on your social media accounts? Then you might be a perfect candidate to join an ambassador program.

So many fashion companies are looking for brand ambassadors; chances are, your favorite brands run an ambassador program and are looking for more people (just like you) to bring onto their team.

In this article, we will discuss what a clothing brand ambassador does and show you how you can apply to become an ambassador and join your favorite brand's community!

What Are Clothing Brand Ambassadors?

A clothing brand ambassador is an individual that acts as an authentic voice for a brand they love. ‍Most clothing brand ambassadors know about the brand and are passionate about the brand's products, mission, and ethos.

Most brand ambassadors consistently buy from the company, use the products regularly, talk it up to their friends and family, and are generally passionate about the brand and want to do more to support a company they love.

For clothing ambassadors, many are already posting selfies on social media in their favorite brand's clothes. They want to help the company grow and get more people to discover their products.

Clothing ambassadors act as an extension of the brand they love and will represent them well both on social media and off.

Brand ambassador programs are a common and a great way to support the brand you love. So whether your favorite fashion brand sells vintage apparel, funky accessories, or the best pair of shoes you have ever bought, it is possible to work alongside them! Ambassador programs can be mutually beneficial, serving both you and your favorite fashion brand. You will get the chance to play an influential role in the brand's growth,  and the program can help you achieve your goals too.

Ambassador vs. Influencer: What's the difference?

A brand ambassador sounds a lot like an influencer on paper, but there are some differences between the two. While influencers might work with a brand for a short period, creating a few pieces of content in exchange for one payment, ambassadors will join a brand ambassador program to work with the brand for the long run.

You might think if you join a brand ambassador program, you will be asked to post photos and promote the brand to your engaged following on your social media platforms, but it's so much more than that!

You will get the chance to join a thriving community of people with a common interest in fashion, style, and design.

Ambassador marketing and influencer marketing are different in a variety of ways. Here are a few examples:

  • Influencers will often work with a brand for a short period, whereas ambassadors can work with a brand for several months or years.
  • Influencers might not need to be familiar with the brand to make content for them, whereas ambassadors usually advocate and love the brand before signing on to work with them.
  • Influencers usually make a few sponsored posts on social media where ambassadors are asked to do a wide variety of activities, including sampling new products, giving product feedback, and supporting the brands outside of social media.

If you are familiar with influencer marketing, you know that there are a few different types of influencers. There are nano influencers, which have a smaller, yet highly engaged audience, all the way up to mega influencers with millions of followers. But influencer and ambassador aren't mutually exclusive; you can be an influencer and brand ambassador.

In fact, many influencers sign on to join a brand ambassador program for their favorite brand.

There are some similarities between influencers and brand ambassadors.

For example, they both

  • Create content featuring the brand for a variety of social media platforms
  • Help generate referral purchases by sharing your discount code on social media
  • Post-high-quality photos on your Instagram account
  • Spread the word and generate buzz about the brand with your followers
  • Hype up new products that the brand is about to release

So whether you are a nano influencer, mega influencer, passionate customer, or anywhere in between, joining your favorite fashion brand's ambassador program can be highly rewarding!

What Does It Mean to Be an Ambassador for a Clothing Brand?

Brand ambassador programs are enjoyable, rewarding, and potentially lucrative.

Being a clothing brand ambassador means working with your favorite clothing and apparel brand(s) and creating content in their clothing to share online.

You will be an extension of the brand and help represent the brand. The brand will give its ambassadors various activities to do, and the ambassador will complete them in exchange for points, commission, free products, or exclusive rewards.

Each brand ambassador program looks different, but fashion brands typically want their ambassadors to write reviews, user-generated content, tutorials, or any other digital content to share with friends, family, and followers.

If you join an ambassador program that a brand runs on CrewFire, you will be asked to participate in various activities. Some of them will be relatively easy, while others might be challenging. But they will all be fun!

This includes engaging with the brand's content on social channels, sharing content from the brand on your social networks, and participating in activities where you create content for the brand!

You will get exclusive access to rewards and can earn cash for your participation.

Lastly, you will get to know your fellow ambassadors in your private community forum!

How Do I Become a Brand Ambassador for a Clothing Brand?

If you are interested in becoming a clothing ambassador, there are plenty of ways to get involved!

The best way to find out about your favorite clothing company is looking for brand ambassadors is to google the brand's name + ambassadors or brand ambassador program.

Typically, one of the first results will be a landing page for their program.

Additionally, you can visit your favorite brand's website and see if they have a brand ambassador landing page. You can find the requirements for becoming an ambassador as well as instructions on how to apply.

You can also check out the brand's social media to see if they post anything about their community or ambassador program. You can check their tagged photos to see if ambassadors have tagged the brand and used branded hashtags.

Branded hashtags can be a giveaway that a brand has an ambassador program.

Some notable clothing and fashion brands that have an ambassador program include:

For example, Pura Vida, an apparel and accessories brand from Costa Rica, has a thriving brand ambassador program. Their ambassadors take pictures with their unique Pura Vida products, such as accessories, like bracelets and neckless. The ambassadors promote Pura Vida products and can earn commission and other program perks for their participation in the program.

This helps Pura Vida raise awareness and spread the word about its mission, helping more people discover their unique accessories and apparel, gaining more traction and happy customers.

They have seen exceptional growth thanks to their brand ambassadors!

What Does an Ambassador Do for a Clothing Brand?

Many clothing brand ambassadors can participate in a variety of activities. These activities include:

  • Get a custom discount code and earn money from referral sales
  • Create UGC and promote it on different social media platforms
  • Engaging with the brand's content on social media
  • Create testimonials or explainer content for their YouTube channel, Instagram page, or TikTok
  • Go to events and represent the brands
  • Build trust and brand loyalty by positively representing the brand online and offline
  • Share the brand's content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms
  • Write blog posts or content for the brand and share it with your network
  • Review products on the brand's website or third-party websites

As an ambassador, your mission is to spread the word about the brand. You can do this by creating content on various social channels.

But one of the most exciting parts about working for a fashion brand is the chance to get to know other ambassadors in the program. If you join an ambassador program, you will get the opportunity to meet other like-minded people that love fashion!

How Much Do Clothing Brand Ambassadors Make?

Brand ambassadors tend to make less than large-scale influencers, but that doesn't mean you can't make a bit of passive income working as an ambassador.

Brand ambassadors can make money by generating affiliate sales or creating brand content. Rev share programs are standard within ambassador programs, meaning you will get an exclusive discount code that you can share with your followers, and for each sale you earn, you will get a percentage of the profits.

Most brands offer their ambassadors between 12%-20% commission on sales earned. If you get savvy enough at affiliate marketing, this could add up to a couple hundred or thousand extra dollars per month!

Additionally, brands often reward their ambassadors with free clothing or rewards. If you are an avid shopper of the brand you work for, this can save you tons of money in the long run since you won't have to pay full price for your favorite products.

It is essential to remember that when you first start working with a brand, you might not make much money. But if you keep at it and stay engaged with the brand's program, you can earn more over time as you build your following and level up your social media marketing skills.

Do Clothing Brand Ambassadors Get Paid?

This depends on the brand you work for and how they have structured their program. But the good news is that you will get compensated somehow for your work.

If you don't receive an upfront payment for your work, you could earn payment in discounts on your favorite products, free merchandise, referral sales commission, and so much more.

For example, if you are an ambassador for Gym Shark, you might not receive money upfront if you post pictures on social media in your favorite Gym Shark outfit. But, you could receive payment in the form of free leggings, a sports bra, free t-shirts, or other fitness apparel!

Do Brand Ambassadors Pay for Clothes?

Some brands may gift clothing to their ambassadors, while others might require them to purchase clothing (typically, the clothing is discounted). But, regardless of what the brand decides to do, many ambassador programs have tons of perks, which is excellent news for the ambassadors.

Some brands might ask you to purchase clothing but can give you an incredible discount. Others might opt for clothing as a reward for participating in the program.

In the end, many clothing brands will reward their ambassadors with perks, discounts, and sometimes, even free products.

What you need to do is show up and engage with the program! The more you give to the program, the more you will get out of it.

This means creating UGC, engaging with the brand's social posts, and helping to promote the brand on social media and beyond.

Do Brand Ambassadors Get Free Stuff?

Similar to the question above, some brands will give ambassadors free stuff while others will provide you with products or rewards in exchange for participating in the program.

One of the best and most enticing aspects of being an ambassador is the chance to get exclusive perks only available to the brand's community.

Some perks include:

  • Exclusive Perks: Lifetime discount code, access to events, first access to new releases, new products before they drop, sneak peek of new products.
  • Events: Tickets to exclusive events from the brand, fashion shows, and private parties for product launches.
  • Community: The chance to meet and network in a community, meet and get to know essential employees of your favorite brand, and the opportunity to apply and work closely with the brand you love.


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