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Alan VanToai

October 24, 2022

Is your Instagram feed full of fun pictures of your cute pup or cat? Do you have a YouTube channel dedicated to your fur baby? Do you have a furry friend that you love to show off online?

Small businesses and large pet companies alike have found fantastic success in connecting with their community and working with them to grow together. Pet companies can achieve massive success by starting an ambassador program.

And that's where you (and your pet) come in!

Many people take to social media to post pictures of their pets, and they can earn a huge following, score brand deals and earn money, all from creating content with their pets!

You might have a dog, cat, fish, or another type of pet, but if you think your animal could double up as an influencer, we encourage you to look for an ambassador program to join.

In this article, we will discuss what pet brand ambassadors are and show you how you can join a program!

Let's hop into it. 🐱

What are Pet Brand Ambassadors?

If you have been on social media and liked a cute picture of the animal before, you have engaged with a pet influencer.

Typically, the pet owner will take to social media and post pictures of their pet. The animal could be wearing a fun sweater, enjoying treats, looking adorable while they sleep, or making bread with its paws (all my cat lovers know what I'm talking about).

Pet brand ambassadors are the same as any other type of brand ambassador. They will post well-lit photos or engaging video content on social media, work with brands, promote their companies, and generate sales.

Being a pet influencer can be a full-time job with incredible benefits. As a result, pet companies are actively looking for more ambassadors to join their teams.

If you think your fur baby has what it takes to become a pet influencer, it might be time to start looking for ways to join your favorite company's ambassador program.

What Is a Dog Brand Ambassador?

A dog brand ambassador is any famous dog or pet you see online that works with brands.

Pet owners will take pictures of their dogs and post them on social media. They will promote a brand's product and build relationships with followers and fellow pet owners.

The dog's owner might be posting with a new haul or supplies they got from their local Pet Smart, posting funny photos of them playing outside, or taking videos of the dog going for a walk.

Some notable dog influencers are:

Many dog ambassadors listed above make five to six figures annually and can charge thousands of dollars per sponsored post.

This shows that the pet companies are actively seeking new dog ambassadors to join their team and influence their followers to use their products!

How Do You Become a Pet Brand Ambassador?

If you want to join a brand ambassador program, you should check out your favorite brand's website. Typically, a brand with a brand ambassador program will make a landing page on its website that details the program.

You can learn how to support your favorite pet brand by joining their program and learning about the perks and benefits of working with them.

You can check out the brand's Instagram or Facebook to see if they have made any posts discussing the ambassador program. It isn't uncommon for a company to make a few posts about their program to inform their community and encourage them to apply.

One of the best perks of joining an ambassador program for pets is growing in a community of like-minded people. You could get the chance to connect with followers of your favorite brand and could even make new friends.

Some brands might have meetups at a park, where you can bring your pets and meet other pets. So your dog or cat might meet other dogs and cats and make a new best friend!

Ambassador programs are great for meeting fellow animal lovers and having fun supporting your favorite company.

How Do I Make My Dog a Brand Ambassador?

If you want your dog to become a brand ambassador, you need to get in touch with your favorite brands to see if they are looking for more pets to join their program!

Many brands seek dog or cat influencers to add to their team. If your animal has a public Instagram account, takes excellent photos, and has a decent following on social media, then reach out to your favorite pet brands. There are so many brands out there looking to collab, so don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Once you get big enough, brands will be filling your DMs with invitations to collab.

Before you apply, make sure that you are ready to commit. The company will ask you to post several times per week and expect you to create content that resonates with your followers and includes their brand and your pet.

What Do Pet Brand Ambassadors Do?

Brand ambassadors do many different things, which is why joining a program can be enjoyable and rewarding!

Some of the things that brand ambassadors do include:

  • Post photos, videos, or other content about your favorite products
  • Leave reviews on the brand's website or third-party website
  • Make affiliate sales
  • Engage with the content on the brand's Instagram account
  • Test new products and give product feedback, either directly with the brand, on their website, or third-party websites

Do Pet Ambassadors Pet Paid?

Ambassadors typically get paid for their work, but it depends on the brand and how they want to pay their ambassadors.

You might get free products, a lifetime discount code, cash, access to exclusive events, or the chance to be featured on the brand's website or Instagram.

It all depends on how the brand structures its program.

You can also earn a commission if you generate affiliate sales. For example, brand ambassadors typically get a code they can share with friends, family, and followers. Likewise, the ambassador will earn a commission if their friends, family, or followers purchase with their coupon code.

Making affiliate sales is one of the easiest ways for dog brand ambassadors to earn more passive income. You can encourage your followers to shop with the brand on Instagram or other social media sites. Post some well-lit photos or a fun video, and show your pet in action using their favorite products.

Then, have your affiliate link or code in your bio to help drive more sales.

So, the TLDR is that ambassadors get paid for their participation in the program, whether in free stuff, cash, one lump sum, or cash each time you post, gift cards, or discounts to spend on your favorite products or access to exclusive events.


If you think your pet will be the next big influencer, it's time to apply to an ambassador program!

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