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Alan VanToai

October 31, 2022

Is your definition of fun cooking or preparing new dishes? Do you love recipe testing and sharing your creations with friends, family, or followers on social media?

If you have an active social media presence and the food you make is delicious, you would be a great candidate to join a brand ambassador program for your favorite food company.

Brand ambassadors do loads of interesting (and exciting) things on social media. For example, they build a community of foodies, create new recipes to share with the world, work with brands to promote a new product launch, and even attend or host events online and in person!

If you are dedicated to food and want to share your passion with the world, then you could really benefit from being a brand ambassador.

Who knows, you might start the next viral food trend everyone talks about!

This article will discuss what a food brand ambassador is and what they do weekly (it changes week to week!), highlighting some brands actively accepting ambassador applications!

What Is a Food Ambassador?

A food brand ambassador is someone that works for a food brand. Typically, a food influencer will try restaurants, create their own recipes, review new products, and partner with a food brand to promote them.

If you are interested in food or cooking, chances are you have seen a few food influencers before on social media. As a result, you might have gotten some recommendations for food products from them. This is food influencing at its finest.

The creator will generate content, incorporate the brand's products, put the products in a recipe, and discuss the benefits of the products, all in the hopes that you will get curious enough to buy the products.

Food ambassadors are popular on social media for various reasons, from their passion and creativity to their aesthetics, niche, and skills.

They will recipe-test new products and promote brands they work with on Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, or their blog.

They bring fun to the kitchen and are incredibly passionate about food. You can catch food ambassadors eating, cooking, or talking about their favorite food products and how a few key ingredients can come together to make one excellent dish.

Who Are Some Famous Food Influencers

There are tons of notable food influencers out there. These creators work to expand their culinary knowledge and share what they learned with tier followers.

Food creators post new recipes, ideas, and videos on social media. Many have their own unique style or flare that their followers enjoy.

Some post recipes inspired by cartoons, some create food ASMR, while others post vegan soul food. We are serious when we say there is a food content creator that perfectly matches your palette.

Here are some famous food influencers that you can follow to fill your timeline with tasty recipes to inspire you in the kitchen!

Many food influencers on the internet are friends and tend to support each other. A lot of times, they will team up together to create content. It's excellent for marketing each other's platforms and exposing their community to a new creator. We love supportive friends that want to help their fellow chef grow their community!

Do You Have to Be a Chef to Be a Food Brand Ambassador?

In short, no! You do not need to be classicly trained to be a food influencer or brand ambassador! All you need is passion, an Instagram account, some equipment, unique recipes, and an approach to content creation so you can stand out from the crowd.

Trying to compete with classicly trained chefs and food stylists can seem intimidating, but that shouldn't deter you from trying. If you know your food can stand on its own and aren't afraid to put yourself out there, make a few videos of you cooking and post them online.

Plus, there are tons of famous food influencers out there who are fantastic home cooks!

Be open to feedback from your followers, be consistent, and let your creativity shine, and you will be able to compete with the rest of them.

What Does a Food Brand Ambassador Do?

The life of a food brand ambassador is always changing. If you work with a food brand (or several), they will have a variety of activities for you to do weekly. Most activities will be creating UGC, making ad content, product reviews, or testimonials.

But food companies can ask their ambassadors to complete a variety of activities, including:

  • Host giveaways
  • Create content to inspire followers to visit a restaurant, cook a new dish or try a new food product
  • Build brand awareness by creating content with a brand's products
  • Use your referral code or link to make affiliate sales, your followers will get a discount, and you will earn extra cash
  • Support the brands they partner with by engaging with their content on social media
  • Attend events, both virtual or in person, and represent the brand
  • Give product feedback
  • Write reviews for the business on their website or third-party sites

Most food brands are looking for a more streamlined and effective way to connect with consumers in their target market.

Establish your niche so that it matches the brand's target audience. This way, the partnership will be mutually beneficial. You can help build brand awareness for the business you partner with, and the brand will be able to market directly to its ideal audience.

Focus on your craft and find ways to be unique and stand out from the crowd. Your followers will stay interested and continue to support you if your food content can stand on its own.

Do Food Brand Ambassadors Get Paid?

Do brand ambassadors get free stuff? That's probably the number one question we hear from aspiring brand ambassadors.

But the good news is that brands will always compensate you for your time and work! How you get

Some programs will reward their ambassadors with free products, while others might pay the ambassador per post.

You will likely get samples to create content with since most brands want you to know the product before recommending it to your followers.

How Much Does a Brand Ambassador Make on Instagram?

If you join an ambassador program, you can make a bit of extra cash on the side. However, when starting, you will likely only make a bit of extra cash on the side but will likely need to work a full-time job.

But, if you join a great brand ambassador program, you can use the program to learn new skills, network with other ambassadors in the community, and grow your social media accounts.

If you want to become a full-time influencer, you will need to partner with several different brands. As a result, brand deals will be one of your most significant sources of income.

But eventually, if you are a talented cook or are passionate about food, you can score large brand deals in the four to five digits and make six figures.

Another great way to make more money is to generate affiliate sales. You will get promo codes from the brands you work with that you can share with your followers and create content to generate more sales.

Most people on social media love discounts, and your followers will appreciate business and product recommendations and the bonus of saving a bit of money at checkout.

Ensure your Instagram account has links to your codes, and ensure your followers know they can get discounts on unique products.

What Are the Best Food Brand Ambassador Programs?

There are some excellent food brand ambassador programs out there. As a result, many food influencers are working with highly notable brands and getting many perks.

If you are ready to join a brand ambassador program, here are a few brands you could aim to partner with:

These brands are looking for influencers, brand ambassadors, or a combination of both! So if you support these brands and want to work with them, apply to work with them!


Do you feel ready to become a food brand ambassador? If so, head to your favorite brand's website and see if they have an ambassador program!

An ambassador program is a great way to break into the industry and work to become your own boss and take content creation full-time.

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