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Alan VanToai

January 3, 2023

Energy drinks are extremely popular, and there is no brand as popular as Red Bull. Red Bull has become a massive player in the energy drink space. Red Bull events are extremely popular, with the brand sponsoring influential groups of athletes and student marketeers. They utilize students and athletes to appeal to the masses and keep Red Bull at the top of consumers' minds.

The Red Bull student marketeers are university students working on campus to promote Red Bull. These brands help create and contribute to campaigns that excite university students to drink Red Bull. In addition, the wings team works with the company to create incredible experiences (and get some awesome things in return!)

If you are a student on campus, passionate about marketing, and interested in working with a multibillion-dollar company, joining the Red Bull student ambassador program is a great way to get involved. Don't skip out on this opportunity to learn valuable work and life skills, grow alongside a team of like-minded people, and get paid!

In this article, we will dive into the Red Bull ambassador program, discuss the wings team, and show you how you can become an energy drink brand ambassador!

What Is Red Bull?

Red Bull is the most popular energy drink in the world. The Red Bull brand started in Austria in April 1987. Since then, it has gained new customers all over the world and has exploded, with more than 100 billion cans sold worldwide.

Red Bull approaches marketing differently. Instead of focusing on traditional marketing methods to increase sales and grow the brand image, Red Bull chooses to work with professional athletes and promote events for extreme sports. As a result, Red Bull events offer an unforgettable brand experience, with some popular events being Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series and the Red Bull Air Race.

Red Bull also dabbles in media and music. The Red Bull media business is a perfect example. Red Bull Media House produces over 1,250 different events in culture and sports each year, working with over 700 athletes in over 160 countries across 100 different disciplines.

To ensure Red Bull stands out from the crowd to take the spot as the top energy drink brand in the world, the brand creates unique campaigns and works with influential people to create a brand image that encapsulates thrill-seeking, adrenaline, and a good time.

And their product is a perfect match for this type of lifestyle!

The company enjoys taking a unique marketing approach and creating unforgettable events.

What Is the Red Bull Student Ambassador Program

Red Bull has a global brand ambassador program with thousands of students participating. This program is a student marketeer program, which offers university students the chance to be part of the Red Bull team, work with other students, improve your skills and develop and sense of community.

Red Bull student marketeers are opinion leaders that thrive in a creative working atmosphere amongst other young people.

In the student marketeer program, you will be able to develop new skills and gain valuable work experience all while studying. If you want to be a Red Bull brand ambassador, you will need to have some desired qualities, including:

  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit and a creative mindset.
  • Be willing to collaborate with different people who have different ideas.
  • Have an outgoing personality.
  • Be a strategic planner that is willing to share ideas.
  • Be able to manage part-time work while studying.
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to talk with anyone.
  • Have a keen interest in and knowledge of business, especially marketing.
  • Assist in providing local insights, so the Red Bull team knows how to market to your community better.

If that resonates with you, then you are likely a perfect fit for the Red Bull ambassador program.

You should still apply if you don't have all of the necessary skills or experience Red Bull is looking for. The company will provide many occasions and opportunities to help you level up your skills and grow into the role.

You will be able to learn from leaders in the program as well as your fellow students!

Responsibilities of a Red Bull Ambassador

As a Red Bull brand ambassador, you will have varying responsibilities and activities to participate in each week.

The Red Bull brand ambassador program asks its student marketeers to be able to know and predict trends. So it would help if you had a high sense of what is popular at your university and amongst students.

They want ambassadors with local insights to understand the market and predict opportunities for Red Bull.

You will represent Red Bull to the best of your ability and be responsible for spreading the word on campus and in student life. Red Bull wants to expand its company and product to campuses worldwide, and you will play a key role in that.

Red Bull wants you to contact its user base and build distribution directly. Your job is to help make Red Bull available and visible to consumers.

You will need a strong product understanding and know the ins and outs of Red Bull. Since you will be working directly with potential customers and vendors, you will be responsible for marketing the product and answering any questions the customers or vendors might have. Whether it's a question about the classic products or a new range, you will be their to-go

Lastly, you will be the life of the party! Your job is to excite university students and turn them into Red Bull superfans.

How Much Does a Red Bull Student Ambassador Make?

Brand ambassadors for Red Bull have the ability to earn quite a bit of cash! The Red Bull ambassador program is technically a part-time job, and most ambassadors get paid hourly. The typical range is between $18-$21 an hour.

How to Become a Red Bull Ambassador?

If you are interested in becoming a Red Bull ambassador and join the team, then head over to the Red Bull website to find out opportunity to apply.

The Jobs Page on the Red Bull website will be the best way to find the different jobs and opportunities available to you.

If you are ready to join the ambassador program, head to their website and apply!


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