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Alan VanToai

October 26, 2022

Are you a martini fanatic on the same level as James Bond?

Do you have a strong knowledge of all things wine, on par with the sommelier at your nearest 5-star restaurant?

The alcohol industry is huge, with many brands constantly seeking liquor and cocktail experts to join their ambassador program.

If you can talk passionately about all things spirits and are active on social media, you are likely a perfect fit to join your favorite liquor brand's ambassador program.

So put your working knowledge to the test and become a liquor brand ambassador! This article will discuss what a liquor brand ambassador does, how to become a brand ambassador and talk about brands actively looking for alcohol influencers to join their team. 🥃

What Do Liquor Brand Ambassadors Do?

Many brand ambassadors spend time planning and creating content, trying new spirits, wine, and beer, testing new products, and looking for brand deals.

Brand ambassadors are part marketing experts, creative thinkers, and alcohol enthusiasts. So naturally, marketing dramatically affects how well you do in a brand ambassador program.

The life of a spirits content creator will be different each week. One week, you might make content to educate consumers on the different types of wine and how it's made; the next, you might make a YouTube video making cocktail batches for your next big party.

Likely, you will work with brands to showcase your knowledge of all things wine, beer, and spirits, using featured products from the brands.

A liquor brand ambassador's goal will be to spark conversation, inspire others to try popular beverages, and drive sales for the brand.

Some of the things that a liquor brand ambassador will do in a week include:

  • Create content with new cocktail recipes or show how to make the classics
  • Take a tour of their favorite liquor store and show where they find their favorite brands and drink supplies
  • Talk about their time in the industry- it's common for an alcohol influencer to start as a bartender or bar manager!)
  • Host product tastings or do a live tasting event to generate buzz for the brand
  • Generate beverage sales with your affiliate code or link to earn commission
  • Encourage your followers to purchase from the brand you partner with, and give your followers specific liquor store locations to buy the products
  • Participating in other activities requested explicitly by the brand, such as engaging with their content on social media and sharing their content on your social media

The brand might ask you to go to in-person events and represent the brand; there are various event types you can participate in, such as a sampling event or working at tradeshow stadiums. You can spend your time at events safely offering customers samples, delivering a rich experience, talking up the spirits or wine to the consumers, and hitting your liquor sales goals (garnering you more money!)

How to Become an Alcohol Ambassador?

If you are interested in becoming a brand ambassador, there are various ways to apply to a program.

If you're interested in becoming a brand ambassador, here are some ways to see if your favorite alcohol company is looking for brands ambassadors:

  • Check out their website. Many brands will have a dedicated page on their ambassador jobs listed on their website. There you can look for application details.
  • Go on Google and use relevant search terms to see if you can find brand opportunities. Use phrases like "brand ambassador program," "influencer program," or "ambassador program" to see what type of job types pop up—the search results signal to you whether the brand is looking for brand ambassadors or not.
  • Check social media to see if the brand has posted about its ambassador program. Many brand ambassadors will also use branded hashtags on posts, which can help signal if the brand has an ambassador or influencer program.

Being a brand ambassador can offer you many rich experiences, such as working closely with your favorite spirits, wine, and beer brands, earning more money, and growing in a community of like-minded folks.

So, if this sounds good, this is your sign to look for an open position with your favorite alcohol brand.

How Much Does a Brand Ambassador Make?

One question we always hear is if brand ambassadors get paid well.

We always say that it depends on your experience, the number of brand deals you have, how big your following is, and how committed you are to growing your platform.

A brand ambassador can make anywhere from a few extra hundred dollars a month to scoring massive five-figure brand deals.

The more experienced and dedicated you are to your craft, the more money you make.

Posts with a specific brand placement can garner you quite a pretty penny, depending on your audience size and engagement rate.

One of the best things you can do to earn more money as a brand ambassador is to continue to grow your knowledge of the alcohol and spirits industry and craft. In addition, you can inspire action each time you post and encourage people to try your recipes and buy from the brand your rep.

To earn good money as a content creator, you must continuously seek opportunities to work with different brands and score deals.

Learn everything you can about social media marketing and content creation. Being savvy at marketing will only help get your content into the hands of the right people.

If you still feel shy or awkward on camera, take public speaking or social media marketing classes to improve your brand.

The internet is full of exciting content creators in the spirits and alcohol space, so you need to find your niche and focus on that. Discover what makes you unique and share it with your followers.

If you do this, you can go from earning a few hundred bucks a month to scoring huge brand deals. Content creation and being a brand ambassador could become your full-time job.

Alcohol Brands Hiring Brand Ambassadors

With the rise of social media, alcohol brands are turning to influencers, significantly if their goal is growing brand presence on social media. Brand ambassadors can assist in boosting beverage sales and helping nurture existing brand relationships consumers have with alcohol brands.

And this is all excellent news for you because that means there are tons of opportunities out there for you.

If you are ready to apply to be a brand ambassador for a spirits company, then here are a few brands that have open jobs:


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