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Alan VanToai

November 2, 2022

If you are a health, wellness, or fitness expert, and you have a lot of knowledge of supplements, then you would be a perfect candidate to join a brand ambassador program.

Many supplement brand ambassador programs are out there looking for passionate and creative people to join their programs.

Supplement companies are a massive players in the fitness and nutrition industry, with many top athletes, nutritionists, and wellness experts advocating for the brands they trust and swear by.

Many supplement brands are looking for loyal customers to join their ambassador program to help them grow and represent them on social media (and beyond!)

If you think your personal brand would be a good fit to work alongside a supplement brand, then it's time for you to start looking for an ambassador program.

This article will discuss what a supplement brand ambassador does and show you how to sign up to work with your favorite brand today.

What Does a Supplement Ambassador Do?

So by now, you might wonder what it means to be a supplement company brand ambassador.

A day in the life of a wellness, fitness, or health influencer is never the same.

One day you might create exercise content, the next, you might discuss nutrition and give health and wellness advice.

But one thing is true for all supplement ambassadors; they will create content with their favorite supplements while promoting the brands and talking up all the great qualities of the brand.

They will discuss the benefits of the supplements and find ways to relate these characteristics to their niche.

For example, your niche could be fitness, nutrition, sports medicine, physiology, or general well-being. But ultimately, you will circle back to discussing your favorite vitamins and supplements that help you to feel great, power through your workout, or give you energy all day long.

Brand ambassadors help build brand awareness, discuss the value the brand brings to their life, and encourage their followers to shop with the brand.

Here are some things a typical brand ambassador will do:

  • Create content and post it on social media, such as Reels, TikToks, YouTube videos, or written content, such as blog posts or reviews
  • Help promote the brand and generate sales using their discount code
  • Promote the program to other active members in the health and wellness industry and encourage them to join
  • Test new product releases from a company and gives feedback
  • Represent the brand at in-person events or host a live with the brand
  • Like, comment, and engage with the brand's content on social media
  • Grow a community of like-minded people via social media and within the program

When you join a supplement brand's program, creating content and promoting the brand will be your number one task. When the brand brings you onto the team, you will typically have different activities you can participate in each week. In addition, you will get to create content and represent the brand on and off social media.

Ambassador programs are a great way to work with companies you love, join a team of like-minded people who love fitness and health, and help influence the brand you love to grow (while growing your personal brand!)

How to Become a Supplemental Ambassador

There are plenty of ways you can go about joining an ambassador program.

You should first research supplement brands that you use or are interested in using and see if they have an active ambassador program. If you frequently shop with a supplement brand, you should know if they have an ambassador program.

First, head over to their website and check it out. See if the brand has an ambassador or influencer program landing page. On that page, you should find all the details of the brand ambassador program and the steps for getting involved.

A lot of times, you can sign up for a program directly on the brand's website!

The next thing you can do is simply Google the supplement brand's name + ambassador program. Typically, the search results will show if the brand is looking for ambassadors.

Lastly, try to network with other fitness, wellness, and health influencers in the industry to see if you can find out what brands they work with and how they went about applying to the program.

Networking with people in your community is a great way to find out what brands are looking to add more creators to their programs.

How Much Do Supplement Ambassadors Make?

What benefits do brand ambassadors get?

Brand ambassadors can receive great benefits and perks when joining a program. For example, many supplement brands will give great rewards, such as free products, a lifetime discount code, or cash.

Most brand ambassador programs will ask for UGC in exchange for rewards. The goal will be to encourage your followers to shop from the supplement brand you partner with.

Brand ambassadors with the most success with a program know how to use their industry knowledge, personal brand, and social media marketing to generate the most sales.

Suppose you can use an affiliate code or link to generate more sales. You can share your code with your friends, family, and followers. Friends, family, and followers will be your best bet at earning more sales and money.

Supplement Brands Looking for Brand Ambassadors

Many brands are out there looking to add members to their teams.

They will look for professional athletes, people in the fitness industry, those that work in health and wellness, and those in the body positivity community.

Supplement brands look for diverse ambassadors to join their teams, so there is a brand out there that will be perfect for you!

Here are some vitamin and supplement brands looking for brand ambassadors:


Whatever your niche, there is the right ambassador program for you! You just need to start looking and applying. Once you find the brands that best resonate with you, you will be able to jump headfirst into a supportive community of people that share the same passion and interests as you!

If you are dedicated to content creation, passionate about growing a following on social media, and find a brand that resonates with you, don't hesitate to apply to their program!

Who knows, you might be the person the brand is looking for to fill the role!

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