CrewFire Insight: The Top 10 Tools We Can't Live Without

Alan VanToai

March 31, 2021

One rule we live by at CrewFire is to not be married to any one single process. Keeping this rule in mind helps us continue to define and redefine our processes and tooling to create a more harmonious and streamlined workday.

While we used to spend our time working via Google Docs and Trello boards, near the end of 2020, we started to take a closer look at our tooling to find the gaps in our processes that were inevitably slowing us down. Through discovering those gaps, we found tools that have increased work productivity, client documentation, and flow between departments.

And, after a bit of trial and error, we have landed on a roster of tools that we can't live without!

We wanted to give you a bit of insight into tooling at CrewFire. Today, we will be sharing the top company tools that we use everyday, as well as the staff's top picks. Plus, some tools we have our eyes on in 2021.

CrewFire's Top Tools

Here are CrewFire's top company tools for productivity.

These tools are essential for any SaaS startup or small to medium-sized business - or anyone really! They can add value to any workplace.


Notion has completely changed our day-to-day operations here at CrewFire. Not only with internal documentation but external documentation as well.

Notion is great for having all documents in one organized location. If you want, you can also publish your documents to the web, making it easier than ever to share landing pages, knowledge bases, and company information with anyone.

We especially love Notion as a means of delivering onboarding materials to our new customers. We have been able to make our welcome packet interactive and packed full of personality and insight, so much so that our new customers are consistently delighted with the CrewFire onboarding process.


Telegram is, in our opinion, the superior message app. This cross-platform, cloud-based messaging app provides us with encrypted messaging, video calling, and the ability to share important documentation with customers and ambassadors alike.

Telegram makes it EASY to communicate with people all over the world. This app is especially useful for communication with our crypto customers.


Of course, we love Slack, just like almost any other business! Slack is easy to use and a great way for us to keep in touch during the workday.

As a team that works across four countries, staying in touch during the day and communicating about our product and customers is essential, and slack helps us do just that.


We love HubSpot for more than just its powerful CRM and ability to help us keep an organized sales pipeline.

HubSpot assists us in send weekly marketing emails, keeps up up-to-date with industry-relevant content, and makes sure we never miss a sales follow-up.

Plus, their customer service is always exceptional!


Before Asana, we used Trello for tracking customer feedback and bugs. While we liked Trello, Asana adds a bit more in-depth integration and a way for us to keep the backlog fresh and up to date.

Asana helps us QA, track bugs, issues, and new feature requests, and keeps customer success and engineering in-sync.

If your team member is busy, just assign them a task in Asana and they will get notified in Slack! Asana has helped us stay on track and keeps us consistently producing powerful feature updates.


Front offers our team the ability to share one inbox, which has drastically increased our ability to collaborate on incoming customer questions, sales inquiries, or requests.

Now, Sales, Customer Success, and Engineering can talk seamlessly all in one place. This is also extremely helpful for communication with regards to bug tracking and feature updates between our CSM and our CTO.


Calendly is an exceptional tool for scheduling meetings, especially when it comes to meetings with two or more team members. Often, we will have two team members on a customer call, and Calendly makes it extremely easy to sync up our calendars and will send out a Zoom link after a customer throws some time on the calendar.

Working across several different countries, Calendly takes into account all of our time zones and helps us work effortlessly together.


Airtable is like an Excel/Google spreadsheet, but better! We use Airtable for a variety of administrative tasks, such as hiring applicants or tracking our master chart of accounts.

Airtable is easy to use and keeps our team organized.


One of my favorite apps for taking screenshots and making quick gifs for customers, CloudApp helps deliver images and gifs for blog posts, customer success, and anything else in between.

It's extremely easy to use and has keyboard shortcuts so you can take a screenshot or videos instantly.


When we don't feel like typing out a long paragraph, we just make a Loom video here at CrewFire. Loom is perfect for communicating with customers and amongst the team.

We love using Loom to demonstrate new product features, show a customer how to do something inside CrewFire, or for giving feedback internally. It's quick, easy, and saves so much time.

Staff Top Picks

Each of us at CrewFire has a different set of responsibilities, and we use a variety of apps and tools to keep us motivated and productive during the workday within our respective departments.

Alan's Top Picks

Alan, CrewFire Co-Founder, and CEO, is all about saving time on remedial tasks and making sure he is getting the most done in a day.

Here are his top picks and what he has to say about them:

  • Typinator: For expanding text snippets into commonly used strings of texts, links, or paragraphs.
  • Flycut: For saving and accessing a history of the past 40 things you copied onto the clipboard.
  • Loom: For recording & sharing quick videos.

Frederic's Top Picks

Frederic, our Co-Founder, and CTO is the mastermind behind our product.

Here are his top picks and what he has to say about them:

  • Notion: It's super-valuable to have a place for a team to gather knowledge and document anything and everything, super handy for myself and even more handy for new coworkers.
  • Twitter: I feel like that's where I can really get a pulse of the industry, learn about new projects/companies, hear about news, educate myself, and sometimes get a good laugh.

Taylor's Top Picks

Taylor is our Customer Success and Marketing manager, and she loves a tool that helps her save time and helps her track company metrics.

Here are her top picks and what she has to say about them:

  • Later: Great for scheduling social media posts, it's super simple and offers hashtag recommendations, analytics, and education.
  • Your Social Team and Canva:  The best template company to help us deliver cute and unique social media content, and Canvas for editing and making them reflect our brand. Great for someone who wants to have a cute aesthetic on social media but isn't a great designer! (leave it to the professionals)
  • Linktree: Great for tracking analytics and directing our social media audience to our website.

John's Top Picks

John has a hand in operations and sales. He is currently working for CrewFire part-time while also working at Uber, so staying organized is his biggest goal each day.

Here are his top picks and what he has to say about them:

  • Google Calendar: Between 2 jobs and personal life, Google cal is great because I can sync each one of my calendars and see what’s going on between all of my schedules all in one place.
  • Asana: Asana is a tool daily for both Uber and CrewFire. I love using it even just for one-off ideas that may not pan out in the long run. Asana gives me a space to organize those ideas and act on them later down the road.
  • Toggl: Toggl is great for tracking how much time I’m spending between tasks. Especially in the entrepreneurial space, there are so many things to do, I try to limit myself to no more than 1 - 1.5 hours per task in one sitting.

Daniel's Top Picks

Daniel works in sales, and his favorite tool for motivation is Drift.

Here's what he said about it:

  • Drift:  Drift is awesome for async communication and creating custom GIFs and videos. (both fun and functional!) Super easy to use and really useful for not wasting time.

Tools We Have Our Eye on in 2021

There are numerous tools out there that we learn about almost daily, and our team enjoys discussing new discoveries together. There are quite a variety of tools on our radar right now, but here are three honorable mentions that we hope to add to our roster in 2021.

These tools are excellent for marketing and improving your content strategy.

  • TaggerMedia: Data-driven tool that connects brands with influencers
  • Kapwing: Easy-to-use video editing tool for social media
  • BuzzSumo: Content discovery, research, and content marketing tool


What are your favorite tools for productivity? We would love to hear what your startup uses to increase productivity and help maintain motivation and team deliverables throughout your day!

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