Ambassador Recruitment 101: How to Find the Best Brand Ambassadors

Alan VanToai

December 13, 2020

So, you planned it all out. You know exactly what type of activities you want to have, you created your plan of action, and you are ready to launch your ambassador program.

The only thing missing are the ambassadors that will make your program sing! So, it's time to start recruiting high-quality ambassadors that will help perpetuate the type of growth you want to achieve with your brand ambassador program.

While recruiting might seem tough, with the help of a few smart strategies, soon enough you will find that your inbox flooded with awesome ambassadors who love your product and are ready to help your brand grow!

So, today, we want to give you some insider information when it comes to recruiting. Here are CrewFire's top 8 recruitment strategies!

1. Create a Killer Recruitment Landing Page

While this seems like a pretty rudimentary first step, it is one of the most important steps you will take when you start the recruiting process.

But, it's important to note that not all landing pages are created equal! In fact, there are definitly some pages out there that aren't helping the brand recruit a great crew of ambassadors.

There are some best practices you should be following when you publish the recruitment page for your brand ambassador program.

Each landing page needs to have four basic components. Include these and this landing page will be a recruitment magnet!

These are the four crucial elements that every ambassador recruitment page needs!

A. Description of the benefits of the program

Check out the benefits that a Vitae Apparel recruiting page listed. Seems like a lot of great benefits if you ask me!

B. A section talking about how the ambassador program works

The Pura Vida landing page discusses how the program works and demonstrates it's simplicity in three simple steps!

C. A description of your brand

The Infinate Age team wrote about the journey of starting their brand and what they stand for. When potential ambassadors stumble upon their page, they will resonate with the brand and get excited to sign up!

D. Include several CTAs peppered throughout your landing page

Having at least 3 call-to-actions on your recruitment page will encourage visitors to take the leap and sign up to work with the brand!

2. Publish a Recruitment Video

Video is such a powerful tool. What written word can't say, video can!

Plus, a recruitment video is super easy to get circulating around various social media platforms and that will only help your recruiting efforts.

Your brand’s recruitment video will help answer the big questions potential ambassadors will have about your program. This video needs to lay out the groundwork for your ambassador program all while generating tons of buzz.

When creating your brand's recruiting video, the overarching purpose should be to make a video that, once it’s over, anyone watching it will be excited to take the next step and sign up for the program.

Here’s our general outline for creating a recruiting video so good that your trusted fans won’t be able to wait to become an ambassador!

  • Introduce the program
  • Talk about points and rewards
  • Create excitement!
  • Explain the types of activities they will do
  • Include how ambassadors will become part of a fun community

Place this video on your landing page and watch the applicants start to roll right in.

3. Consistently Promote Your Program on Social Media

It is likely that your fans are already following you on social media, so creating recruitment graphics and getting those circulating on your social media channel is a great way to announce that you are searching for brand ambassadors.

This is such a great strategy for reaching out to your already passionate fan base and an extremely important step in finding the best brand ambassadors for your program.

Post often and on various platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok.

Don't forget to post on your story too for maximum visibility!

Create some well-branded graphics and some enticing copy and get recruiting!

4. Send Email Blasts to Your CRM (it's full of potential ambassadors!)

Email is another powerful recruitment tool! Your CRM and email list are full of potential ambassadors. You will be sending recruitment emails directly to the source - your happy customers that alrady love your product!

Send a variety of emails, and don't just stop at one! Send emails that:

  • Announce your ambasssador program
  • Describe the benefits
  • Talk about the perks
  • Dive into the community building aspect of the program
  • Discuss career advancement

Plus any other benefits you can think of that will get your current customers excited to apply to be an ambassador.

Make sure your signup form is linked in the email and SELL IT! You are bound to get tons of qualified ambassadors as soon as you hit 'send.'

5. Have a Strong Vetting Process

Finding committed ambassadors is an important step in the recruiting process.

Ambassadors will have various activities and responsibilities to complete, so you want to find people that will be committed and won't dip off after the first few weeks.

While it is important to remember that this probably isn't their full time job, you still want to find ambassadors that will represent your brand and be your biggest cheerleader! Ambassadors are there to help you grow, but they can also gain a lot of experience as well.

If you are looking for micro-influencers, make sure you ask that on the application form. Don't be afraid to add a field asking their history with your product and WHY they want to work alongeside you.

An ambassador program is only successful if the people working for the brand are committed to the program.

So include a vetting process to find the best ambassadors for your brand!

6.  Reach Out to Micro-Influencers on Social Media

Micro-influencers, anyone that has between 1,000-10,000 followers on social media, are really powerful contenders to add to your roster of brand ambassadors.

Micro-influencers, in comparison to famous influencers that have hundres of thousands (or even millions) of followers, can really dial in and focus on a specific niche, which can be a powerful position for your brand to leverage.

Doing a deep dive on Instagram, Tik Tok and any other social media platform to identify micro-influencers in your niche, then reaching out to them is an excellent recruiting strategy.

Start sifting throught UGC created for your brand on social media and shoot the creator them a quick DM!

This will be a mutually beneficial relationship. The micro-influencer will get to partner with you and earn affiliate revenue and the chance to grow their following, and you will get to hyper-focus your product in your niche with a whole new pool of potential customer that might be new to your product!

7. Announce Your Program on Various Non-Social Media Platforms

Social media is a great tool for recruiting, but it shouldn't be the only platform you try recruiting on.

If your brand is a thought leader and is consistenly posting your content on various non-social media websites (for example, Medium) then put a post up there announcing you are looking for ambassadors!

Take FinNexus as an example. They just launced their new brand ambassador program this week and started recruiting on Medium!

For FinNexus, they frequently post on Medium, so what better place to announce their new Global Ambassador Program than on a platform where their current fans are already engaging with their content.

On their post, they described the program and discussed why their fans should join their program.

If your brand frequently creates content, such as articles or blog posts on third party websites, write an article describing your brand ambassador program and post it.

8. Get Your Ambassadors to Refer a Friend

Once high-quality ambassadors start trickling in, you can start to tapping into their inner circle by having your current ambassadors refer a friend.

If your ambassadors are passionate about skincare, then chances are they have friends who are iqually passionate about skincare too.

So, why not have your ambassadors refer a friend that would be excited to work and grow alongside you.

It's a win-win, truly! What two friends wouldn't want the change to work together with an awesome brand? All while, you will be able to tap into a new group of potential ambassadors that you might have not been able to reach before.

Make it enticing for the ambassador! Each strong referral could be worth points towards rewards or could be delivered in the form of commission.

Either way, you could essentially DOUBLE your roster and find awesome new ambassadors, ready to help grow your brand.

Are You Ready to Start Recruiting?

Recruiting excited and engaged ambassadors is one of the biggest steps your brand needs to take before launching your ambassador program. While recruiting might take some time, if you are diligent and follow these 8 strategies, soon enough you will have tons of committed ambassadors, ready to help your brand grow!

Quantity is great, but always look for quality ambassadors that want to represent your brand. These are the people that you want to mobilize, as they will stay engaged and excited throughout their time working with you!

Happy recruiting!

Ready to turn your customers into your army of brand ambassadors? If so, check out CrewFire's epic demo video to see how you can drive more referrals, word-of-mouth, and user-generated content for your Shopify store.

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Alan VanToai

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