This $85M brand built their own brand ambassador platform 😅

Alan VanToai

August 26, 2020

Hey! Happy Wednesday 😘

Saw a story in the news yesterday that I thought was crazy relevant and, in a way, funny.

The story, from Modern Retail, was about how this lingerie startup called Adore Me built their own brand ambassador and micro-influencer platform.

"In February, the company launched its own self-serve platform called Creators, where social media influencers can sign up to promote product. Once they’re approved, influencers are given a gift card, which they can then redeem to buy product to use in social media posts. Adore Me gives creators some direction on what to include in the campaign, but they are able to shoot and post photos without pre-approval from Adore Me."

Amazing. I love the hustle and initiative - but as we all know… building just one successful product or business takes a crazy amount of energy and effort (and a minor miracle).

Adding a whole software platform build out on top of that? All respect to the Adore Me team. They’re some serious hustlers (and I guess having revenue of $84M+ gives you some resources to play with).  

I digress. Software buildouts aside, I LOVED reading this post because their thinking and philosophy is 1000% in line with what we at CrewFire are all about.

The post continues:

Rather than trying to find the influencers with the most followers to promote their product, some are instead focusing on trying to find smaller creators who are more genuine fans of the company.


Andra Melinte, influencer marketing team lead at Adore Me, said that the company decided to launch its own self-serve platform for influencers in order to try and solve a few challenges the company had faced. Melinte said that the company had experimented more with influencer marketing last year, spending about $100,000 in six months for campaigns tied to specific events like Miami Swim Week. Over those six months, Melinte said Adore Me had grown frustrated with how much back-and-forth it took between Adore Me, and the marketing agency that represented the influencer, in order to get the campaign off the ground.


“We wanted to rely more our customer base, because they know us and love us, and we wanted to reward them in-some way,” said Melinte.

Boom. That tickles me. 🤗

The issues and opportunities that Melinte and her team identified that motivated them to spend (believe me) hundreds of thousands of dollars on building out their own platform, are exactly the issues an opportunities that YOU face as a growing brand.

  1. Influencers work, but have their challenges. Back-and-forth, lack of relationship/caring, price.
  2. Your customers are a massive, untapped resource to drive word-of-mouth, user-generated content, and social proof.
  3. With the right tool in place, you can unlock that value, and bring that community of passionate customers together to help grow your brand.

Only YOU don’t have to build it yourself.


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