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Alan VanToai

January 5, 2023

Lululemon is actively looking for athletes to join their ambassador program. They want people that are passionate about health and getting sweaty.

If you are an influencer in the health, wellness, and fitness industry, you might be an excellent fit for the program!

Lululemon works with all types of athletes, musicians, entrepreneurs, and yogis. So if you are a person that loves fitness and talking about health, and living an active lifestyle, then it's time to apply.

Many women and men have found gainful employment working with Lululemon and are happy to accept an invitation to become part of the team.

Today, we will take a look at the Lululemon ambassador program, discuss the role and perks that go along with working for Lululemon, and show you how you can be a fitness ambassador!

What Is Lululemon?

Lululemon is an athletic clothing brand popular for its yoga apparel. It originally started selling clothing for yoga but has since branched out into training apparel for all types of fitness activities.

Lululemon apparel is timeless, with many top influencers wearing it on social media and raving about the quality of the fitness apparel. So it's no wonder why Lululemon has made quite the reputation for itself since the brand began in 1998.

Lululemon does work with influencers, elite athletes, and loyal customers. Lululemon's ambassador program isn't massive (the brand only works with around 700 brand ambassadors), but it is impactful and integral to its overall marketing strategy.

What makes the Lululemon brand ambassador program different is that they focus on creating authentic relationships with the creators that they partner with. These creators are experts in their niche; whether that is yoga, HIIT, exercise science, weight training, spinning, track, or a variety of other athletics, you will find these creators wearing Lululemon and performing at their best.

The Lululemon ambassadors are committed to personal development and health and are passionate about fitness and community-building.

About Lululemon

Lululemon Athletica Inc. is a U.S. and Canadian fitness apparel brand and retailer. The brand was founded in 1998 and solely produced yoga pants and yoga apparel. But throughout the years, the brand has expanded and now has a collection of high-quality fitness and athletic wear, fitness and yoga accessories, casual apparel, and personal care products.

The brand sells its products online and in physical locations, with over 574 Lululemon stores and counting.

Since opening its doors in 1998, the brand has grown massively and created a culture around health, fitness, yoga, and building a community of people passionate about living an active lifestyle.

The company went public in July 2007 and raised $327.6 million by selling 18.2 million shares.

Lululemon has stores in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.

With the rise of social media, the brand began to form a partnership and build relationships with professional athletes and fitness influencers. The Lululemon team saw the benefit of working with creators that could simultaneously wear their products while performing an exercise routine to show that Lululemon clothing is durable for any activity and that the brand can offer an incredible product.

The company successfully creates marketing campaigns with famous athletes or fitness creators.

Now Lululemon has a thriving ambassador program. They offer two options to become a Lululemon ambassador; you can be a store ambassador or a global ambassador.

Store ambassadors work on a smaller scale at a local Lululemon store, while global ambassadors are elite ambassadors that are known around the world. Their brand ambassador program is thriving, with many famous athletes participating (and they are living their best lives!)

Both offer great benefits for fitness and yoga enthusiasts!

What Does a Lululemon Brand Ambassador Do?

Now, you might be wondering what it means to be an ambassador for Lululemon.

Lululemon ambassadors help build and foster a sense of community. In addition, the brand's team of creators helps connect Lulus to communities around the world in order to gain insightful and relevant feedback to help bring awareness to what the brand can improve and help the company grow and innovate.

According to their website, a brand ambassador can expect the following when starting a partnership with Lululemon:

Through our program, ambassadors receive development tools and experiences, get products to test, meet a network of like-minded people, and score a humongous cheer squad. This partnership opens up new opportunities for them and us to make a difference in our communities and beyond.

Everything we do starts with authentic relationships. That's why each ambassadorship begins locally, in our stores. So when you're an ambassador, you're not just a partner; you're an extension of our brand and an inspiration to our guests.

As a brand ambassador, you are more than just a marketing tool to help Lululemon boost sales. Instead, you are an extension of the brand and a pillar in the Lululemon community.

That is something the company does differently. Unlike other brands that treat their influencers as a simple way to generate sales, Lululemon wants to foster long-lasting and meaningful relationships with its ambassadors.

You will become part of a team of like-minded people where you can connect with others that share a common interest and work for a brand that can equip you with the apparel to get you through your yoga session or workout.

In addition to this work, Lululemon leans on their ambassadors for product feedback, ideas, and innovation to their products. Since most of its ambassadors are athletes, there is no better group of people to get feedback from!

How to Become a Lululemon Brand Ambassador

Are you ready to become a Lululemon community member and a Lululemon ambassador? Then let's discuss what it takes to become a Lululemon ambassador.

You will have two options for becoming an ambassador with Lululemon; become a store ambassador or a global ambassador.

What's the difference?

Store ambassadors do the following:

We're all about real connection, and our store ambassadors make it happen. With endless passion and leadership, they motivate their communities to get sweaty and make a difference.

Lulus will focus on growing a community and thriving culture around fitness, philanthropy, and making a difference locally.

Whereas if you are a global ambassador, you will be responsible for the following:

We team up with renowned athletes, yoga teachers, trainers, musicians, and creatives who are using their passion for sweat to change the world.

Global and store ambassadors will have different day-to-day and different focus, but both groups will work to connect with their audience and community and help promote Lululemon culture.

Here is a glimpse into what an ambassador might do:

  • Help drive traffic to stores in your area or online to boost sales
  • Post day in the life, fitness, or personal content while wearing Lululemon
  • Promote your local studio to get more people to exercise there
  • Attend Lululemon events
  • Host community fitness events
  • Represent the brand both online and offline
  • Post about the brand online and generate content
  • Provide feedback (both positive feedback and negative feedback) and new product release or company initiatives

In exchange for your work, you will receive free merch and a lot of great perks for being part of their influencer program.

Example of Ambassador Work for Lululemon

Recently, Lululemon brand ambassador Natacha Océane participated in an event with Lululemon. London-based Océane is a former Iron Man participant, runner, and HIIT expert. In addition, she is a Biophysicist and an expert on all things exercise science. She provides her followers with research and science-based guides and programs to help them reach their fitness potential.

Océane has worked with the Lululemon for almost one year and recently cohosted an event with the company.

The event was held at a London mall outside the Lululemon store. Lululemon helped Océane put on the event and gave her the ability to design the event. In addition, Lululemon helped promote the event and created a space that fit Océane aesthetic.

The event was a hit and completely sold out. Océane got the chance to connect with her followers, and Lululemon got tons of extra foot traffic and people talking about the event and brand.

Overall, the event helped Océane grow deeper relationships with her followers and for Lululemon to increase sales and connect with a new community of people!

This is the kind of work global Lululemon ambassadors will do. While it is true that Océane does have a massive following (1M on Instagram and 1.56M on YouTube), even if you don't have quite as big of a following as Océane doesn't mean you can't make a huge impact on the brand.

Luckily, Lululemon's ambassador program is broader than just mega influencers. They work with small-scale creators and community leaders as well.

How to Join the Lululemon Ambassador Program

If you are ready to join the Lululemon program, the best place to look for open positions is on the brand's website. In addition, you can search for ambassador program information directly on the website.

You will find instructions for signing up for the program.

What Are the Perks of Being a Lululemon Ambassador?

Now, let's dive into the fun stuff; perks! For example, how much do Lululemon ambassadors make, or if Lululemon ambassadors get discounts?

Some brand ambassadors get an average salary of around $40,000/year. This is typically reserved for global ambassadors and influencers with a large audience.

But Lululemon doesn't stop short of offering some pretty great perks to its ambassadors, including:

  • Free Lululemon apparel
  • In-store discounts
  • Free fitness classes
  • Social media promo
  • Website promotes
  • Discounts for friends and family
  • Business and personal development courses

Lululemon FAQ

Lastly, let's answer Lululemon fans' top two questions about the ambassador program.

How Many Brand Ambassadors Does Lululemon Have?

Lululemon has two sets of ambassadors - its Global ambassadors and store ambassadors.

Currently, Lululemon has 48 global ambassadors, ranging from strength coaches, professional basketball players, exercise scientists, boxing, runners, golfers, and more.

For Store ambassadors, Lululemon currently has 472. These ambassadors are thought leaders, philanthropists, activists, and local stables in the fitness community in their cities.

Does Lululemon Sponsor Anyone?

Lululemon does sponsor some famous athletes! You may know or follow some of them.

Some famous Lululemon global ambassadors include:

  • Lydia Ko - Professional Golfer
  • Malia Manuel - Professional Surfer
  • Charlie Dark - Marathoner
  • Amanda Baxter - Dance
  • Cassie Sharp - Ski Halfpipe
  • Damian Warner - Decathlon
  • John Tavares - Hockey
  • Jordan Clarkson - NBA
  • Lionel Sanders - Ironman
  • Pilin Anice - Yoga

The brand likes to have a group of ambassadors from diverse disciplines and backgrounds. By working with ambassadors worldwide dedicated to different sports, the brand improves its chance to connect with a broader range of people!


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